February 05, 2016

[RANDOM] January 2016

Hello there ! How was your week? My week went by writing job applications, watching videos on youtube and just being at home. I did have one job interview but I didn't manage to get the job. Still it was a nice experience as I don't have that much experience with job interviews. I just got an invitation to another place for a job interview for next week ! Wish me luck on getting a job ^^

It's been a real winter during January. Few weeks ago it went down to -25 Celsius degrees here in Southern Finland. I found it too cold for me to bear and my skin went through a lot ! Still have dry patches on my hands D: But I still prefer this winter and snow compared to the darkness we had in November. I think winter needs to be a winter ^^

Food, food & more food - who doesn't love food?

Testing out the Berrisom Peking Opera Queen mask from my latest Wishtrend haul ^^

I graduated from Helsinki Business College exactly one week ago ! I now have two vocational qualifications. I really want to get a job this time ! And yes - you read that right ! I'm going to Seoul, South Korea later this year. It's been one of my long-time dreams for a while. I'm so glad it's finally coming true :) I'm going there with a fellow Finnish blogger & Asian drama fan. Check out her blog here ^^ I most likely will be writing few posts before the 2½ week trip and after the trip as well :) I'm so excited !!!


  1. Wooooah -25?! That's cold...

    What dates are you going to be visiting South Korea? I've just returned to England but I'll be going back there in June~ ^-^ If we're there at the same time and you ever want somebody to show you around... let me know! <3


    1. Yeah it's really cold ! Not to mention it went almost -40 in the Northern Finland during that week !

      I'm going in May for 2½ weeks :) I'm staying around Hongdae ^^

    2. Holy cow I don't think I could survive.

      Oh I'm so excited for you~ Hongdae is where I usually stay in Seoul, it's an amazing area for shopping and eating >.< The nightlife is super exciting too! I'm sure you'll have the best time ever!

    3. Yeah it's that cold when I really don't want to leave the house :'Dd Face, hands, toes, thighs all frozen :'DDd


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