February 21, 2016

HISTORY @ Gloria, Helsinki 20.02.2016

Hello there ~ Today I have a new concert report after a long time :) Read the previous ones behind this link. I'm writing this from my fresh memory as the concert was just yesterday. Few years ago I wouldn't have believed that kpop artists would have concerts in Finland but seems like I was wrong. This was my 8th kpop concert in general and 7th here in Finland. Anyhow I went to see a 5-member boy group called HISTORY yesterday with Krisse from Rise and Sparkle :) She had secretly bought VIP tickets for us ;W; Thank you so much again ;W;

The concert took place at Gloria in Helsinki and we arrived the queue around 1PM. We got VIP queue numbers 89 and 90. Pretty nice number I'd say ^^ After getting the numbers we went to eat, finish styling our hair and got coffees from Espresso House. FYI Espresso House is my new favorite cafe chain ;W; With our coffees we headed back to the queue to wait for the doors to open.

As we had VIP tickets it meant for an earlier access than regular tickets. The doors were supposed to open at 5PM. Automatically you'd think the doors would open for VIPs by 4.30PM or a bit earlier as there is "early access" stated on the ticket. I think the doors opened around 5.30PM and we were inside about 30-60 minutes later. While I was still in the cloak room leaving my jacket and stuff I heard someone saying that regulars are getting inside now. That's not much of an earlier access I'd say. But I'm still glad I didn't have to be outside in the cold for longer time. At this point I want to say huge thank you for the queue team who made it possible to leave the queue between the check ins ;W;

photo credit: History Official FB
The concert itself was amazing ;W; We were in the 1st row on the very left in the photo. Krisse can be seen but I'm not sure if I can see myself LOL ! I think I was cut outside :(( They performed many songs I knew but also songs that I hadn't heard before. They also performed solo & duo stages which was a very nice plus in my opinion. During their speaks I wasn't able to hear the translator that well so a minus from that. Next time put the speaking mics a bit louder ^^ We weren't allowed to take photos during the concert so I wanted to follow that rule :) oh the amount of pelvic thrusts me likey

After the concert the Meet & Greet event took place in the upstairs of Gloria stage. It literally went like this: High Five, photo (in a groups of 5) with the members and bye. I was able to show my drawing of HISTORY to the members and they all looked pleasantly surprised with their jaws dropped or so I think :D Few of them seemed to shout "WHOAA" or sth like that when they saw it. I was able to give the drawing to Sihyoung during the high five and I couldn't think of anything to say. I was too nervous so I think I just looked at their feet... Their hands were so warm ;W; I wish I would've been braver and asked for a hug or sth :W: The photos of the M&G will be uploaded later to somewhere so I don't have the photo to share yet. I must have looked like a drenched rat or something. I'm really excited but scared to see the photo LOL !

My drawing I drew quickly the night before the concert ^^

After the concert and Meet & Greet a Kpop Party took place. There was supposed to be a "DJ from South Korea" and a Finnish kpop cover dance group performing. We headed back home after the cover dance group had performed their cover of CL's Hello Bitches. Just a while before writing the post I asked from the people about the DJ. Turns out it wasn't any Korean DJ... I secretly hoped it would've been G-Park aka Korean comedian & DJ Park Myung Soo :'Dd Seriously though, why market it in that way if the DJ isn't from Korea? Maybe it was their tactic on getting more visitors?

I bought these two posters from the concert :)
That's all I have to say for now ~ To finish off this post in a proper way I'll share few my favorite songs by HISTORY as usual :) Did you attend the concert? What is your favorite song? Who's your bias? Mine is Sihyoung ^^ Their looks and dance skills seemed even better live btw !


  1. Those abs took me by surprise hah

    I've never been to a Kpop concert before, but it looks like a lot of fun >.< Was it expensive because it was in Finland? The tickets are always sold in London which is far away from me and they are always so expensive! I hope you can post the meet and greet photos soon though ^^

    1. LOL yeah ! They flashed them during the concert as well ;W;

      Regular tickets were around 40€ I think. VIP tickets were ~100€ or so I think.


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