January 22, 2016

[REVIEW] Institute Claude Bell Masque Douceur Smooth Mask

Hello ~ Today I came to share my review on this cucumber mask I got as a sponsored product from Harmony Life last May. I wasn't sure if I want to review this mask separately or not but as I had already taken the photos during the summer I decided to review it today. Just to refresh my memory and to get more accurate review I used this mask on my face today. I got this mask in May but so far I've used it maybe 3-5 times... Find out more about the product after the cut !

Dry, oily or mature: one person’s skin can be different to another’s so what it needs changes as a result. Consequently, the right mask must be chosen to meet your own specific needs. There’s no choice if you want to have really bright skin, a face mask is the only solution. Its draining effect stimulates our epidermis, tightens the skin tissue and dilates the vessels by making blood flow to the surface of the skin. It then looks younger. When applied following a scrub, this care product restores your facial skin deep down, giving it the sheen you thought had gone forever!

Cleans gently - Absorbs impurities - Softens skin

In order to regenerate its hydrolipidic film, dry skin requires a gentle moisturizing face mask based on cucumber extracts.

150 ml -- Taken from Institute Claude Bell

The mask comes in a see-through squeezable tube with a twist type cap. There's no other outer packaging and if I remember right there is a secure lid you have to remove before using the product. You can find all the basic info from the packaging - such as using directions in French and English and ingredients. The packaging looks like its stuck in the 90s imo. I guess I'm too used to Korean cosmetic packagings :DD

I added the ingredients to COSDNA so you can see the safety & purpose of them. As you can see from COSDNA some of the ingredients are on "red zone" and some ingredients might cause acne or irritation. Just a FYI you might want to keep in mind :)


You can order the mask from Institute Claude Bell UK website with 17,99£ or Institute Claude Bell US with 32,99$. They also have a Korean. French, German & Spanish version of the site so you might want to google more :)


The texture is somewhat slimy & slippery and easy to apply on the skin. It has a greenish color and very strong, artificial, lemon-like scent to it. I'm not a fan of the scent because it's too strong in my opinion. After applying the mask on clean, dry skin you wait for 10 minutes and then rinse it away with lukewarm water. I somehow first thought this would dry and requires me to peel it off or then it would just sink into my skin - neither one of those happened. It dries a bit and makes a kind of film/sheet which is somewhat difficult to rinse away. I had to rinse my face for 5 minutes (!!) under a running water to get the mask completely off. After rinsing it off I don't feel my face any different from usual. Maybe a bit more moisturized but that's all.


+ Easy to apply on the skin
+ Doesn't break out my skin

- Really strong scent
- Expensive in my opinion
- Difficult to rinse away

 RATING: 2+/5  Would I repurchase this product? Nope. I don't like this mask that much. I don't think I would recommend this. I think this isn't anything special - it's just a mask with a really strong, artificial scent.

What do you think about this review? Have you tried the mask? Would you try it? Comment below and let me know your thoughts :)

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