January 16, 2016

My Top 10 Korean Songs of 2015 2nd half ♪♪

Hello there ! How was your week? I finally finished my internship today :) For the next two weeks I'll be busy writing job applications but I'm sure I'll be able to blog more often as well ~ In two weeks I will finally graduate and I'll have a vocational qualification on business & administration. That would be my 2nd vocational degree. So yeah wish me luck on writing job applications so I can finally get a job ! But that's it for the real life update and now let's start the actual post of the day.

As you can see from the title - this post is all about Korean music ! It's time for MY TOP 10 Korean Songs of 2015 2nd half ~ This post will cover the releases from July to December. If you haven't checked out the 1st half you can find it here. If you want to check out other posts on my TOP-series you'll find them all behind this tag :) Here we go ! These are my personal favorites of the year and they are in no specific order. What are your favorites?


I've been listening to this one a lot in 2015. I really like how it's not that typical k-pop song as recent songs tends to be. I really like their vocals and they didn't disappoint me this time either. Not to mention everyone of them is so good looking *fangirl*. They're so underrated I can 5 months later see my own comment still on the top... Go give some love to these absolutely talented bunch of guys. They deserves more love :)

GOT7 - Just Right

A quirky, adorable & super catchy song - yet still a very deep meaning in it. The music video also is as good if not better than the song. But then again the song is as good if not better than the music video. So yeah no words needed for this. I think GOT7 is a group I need to keep an eyes. Since their debut their songs have all been great :) I recommend you to watch the music video with CC on so you can see the subtitles. And remember - you're just right :)

DICKPUNKS - We Young (feat. Microdot)

Ever since I heard this song on KBS Yu Hui Yeol's Sketchbook it was love at first hearing ! I like it when I stumble upon artists I've never heard before :) This song is no doubt the one I listened the most in 2015 2nd half. It still is on my "Now Listening" list ^^ Their songs are great and they're an indie band who also needs more love & recognition ! Give them a try now :) Oh and I just have to say that the vocalist looks like the actor Ji Chang Wook ! The resemblance is so strong !

VIXX LR - Beautiful Lie

Next up is VIXX's very first sub-unit VIXX LR which consists of Leo and Ravi. Leo is my ultimate bias from VIXX and he is holding a high place on my kpop bias list as well ;W; One reason why I really love this song is because it has so much Leo in it and his heavenly voice combined with Ravi's rap is really nice to my ears. There are a lot of feels going on in the song and the music video. Leo fangirl inside me just wants to squeal because Leo is so beautiful ;W;

DAY6 - Congratulations

Second song from JYP artist on this list ! JYP released so many great songs in 2015 - the year of JYP for sure ! DAY6 is no exception either. This kind of music - actual band music - is really different from what I've used to hear from JYP artists. I'm really loving this song & I love to hum along it when I'm listening to it while walking outside. Despite the fact that the song is named Congratulations it's not that festive or happy song at all. Watch the music video with subtitles and you might cry at the end. That is if you're a weirdo like me who cries all the time. One thing I really like about the music video is Choi Woo Shik's acting which makes the story in the MV a lot better. All in all - one of the best debuts of 2015 goes to DAY6 :)

IKON - Dumb & Dumber

I can't make a list without including this on it ! I've been waiting for iKON to debut ever since Win: Who Is Next and the day has finally come. I've listened all the songs released from their debut album and I love all the songs equally. Dumb & Dumber however has that something that makes it 1% more oomph or something than the others. Maybe it's Bobby's hilarious facial expressions? Or maybe it's the adorable puppy? Or maybe it's just because they all look so dumb?


The "Best & Most Creative Music Video" award goes to Beenzino for sure ! This music video is so hilarious yet so simple at the same time. I've been listening to this a lot and trying to figure out what he's saying at some parts. My favorite hobbies include lip-syncing & butchering Korean songs :) I haven't listened to Beenzino that much but I really like all the songs I've heard by him.


Another earworm is coming to your ears ;) Tahiti is the only girl group on this list so you can bet I liked this song. I haven't listened to Tahiti that much before but as soon as this song was released I liked it. I've been listening to this one a lot on my way to work on a but & it's been pumping up my mood & motivation to work :D Nothing special to say regarding the song or the video - I just personally love the song. It has this electric trot vibe in it & the video is funny. Not to mention Tahiti deserves more attention.

HIGH4 - D.O.A. (Dead or Alive)

We're almost finished with the list - only two songs left ! But before the last song it's time for some HIGH4 - which is a group that also deserves more love & recognition. Ever since they debuted I've been checking out their songs and I've loved all of their songs. This one I also love and especially the black haired vocalists voice. It's so beautiful ;W; This is pretty typical k-pop song but their voices OH MY GOD ! Anyhow I just love this and I hope you will love it too.

MOLLY.D - No Lie (feat. Crucial Star)

I stumbled upon Molly.D and I've downloaded pretty much all of his songs, mixtapes & everything. He's not that well known I assume but here's one loyal fan at least :) When you add Crucial Star - another underground rapper, more well known tho - you have a great song. I wanted to include this song to my TOP10 list purely because I think it's great and Molly.D deserves more fans. I have no idea what the lyrics mean but it doesn't matter - I like what I'm hearing. The song is so "raw" if that makes sense :D Molly.D might not be as pretty & handsome as the male idols but I think he's really attractive & cute ^^

Songs that almost made it to the list: 9 Muses - Sleepless Night, Beast - YeY, SKULL & HAHA - Summer Night OST, T-ARA - So Crazy, BIG BANG - Let's Not Fall In Love, JACE - Last Love Song, Tiger JK - Eagle, HyunA - Roll Deep, Red Velvet - Dumb, G.SOUL - Crazy For You, Ailee - Insane, TOPPDOGG - The Beat, ZICO - Boys & Girls, Flowsik - Yah Nuh, VIXX - Chained Up, B.A.P - Young, Wild & Free, UP10TION - Catch Me, PSY - Napal Baji, PHANTOM - Could You Be Mine


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