January 31, 2016

January Haul

Hello ~ Today I came to show you guys what I've purchased during January. Without further ado let's start :) I'm planning to review few products so stay tuned for my upcoming posts if you're curious ^^

GARNIER Mineral UltraDry Anti-Perspirant (50 ml)

Repurchase for the millionth time. My long time readers know this is my HG !

FORMULA 10.0.6 So Totally Clean (200 ml)

Repurchase ~ This one also is my new HG ^^

FORMULA 10.0.6 Get Your Glow On Brightening Peel Off Mask (100 ml)

As I was buying stuff using the gift card I got as a Christmas present I bought this mask. I've tried it few times and I like it so far :) I'll be reviewing this so stay tuned. I think the brand is slowly growing to my favorites when it comes to non-Asian brands.

FORMULA 10.0.6 Picture Perfect Day Daily Moisturizer (75 ml)

This one I also got with the gift card :) I like this one as well and I'm going to review this one also. I noticed only now that I took a photo of the French side instead of the English side of the packaging XD

FAVORA Moisturizing Facial Spray (200 ml)

I ran out of my previous mist so I decided to test this one out. I like this and it can be sprayed on top of makeup as well as used as a toner. I don't think this is as good as the Avene Thermal Water I bought in November but this one is more moisturizing. Avene worked better on top of makeup compared to this one. I've already used about 1/3 of this.

BLISTEX Lip Relief Cream SPF 10 (6 ml)

The winter has been harsh on my lips and they're quite irritated & dry at the moment. This one is great for winter but I don't like how it tastes LOL ! The scent is really fresh ! I like how this is a small tube so I can finish off it soon and then continue using my other lip balms :) I think this was like 3 euros?

photo credit: verkkokauppa.com

LENOVO B50-10 15,6" Laptop

It was about a time for me to get an own laptop ! I ordered it from Finnish online store called Verkkokauppa.com and I'll be paying this in 12-24 month installments depending on how much money I have each month. So far I've paid the 1st installment. I've been using this for about a week now and I'm in love. The thing I love the most is the matte screen ! So far I've only used laptops with non-matte screens and I've always had to sit with a hoodie pulled over my head and all the lights out so I can watch the screen without reflections. This one I can use during the daylight and there are no reflections !! I bought this as a graduation present for myself from myself :) I graduated on Friday btw.

VIXX as my background ^^

photo credit: Logitech
LOGITECH M185 Wireless Mouse

And naturally I also bought a wireless mouse for my laptop :) Logitech never fails and I think they have the best mouses & keyboards.


  1. Jes, uus läppärii - siinä se nyt on ja viel hienolla taustakuvalla :D

    ps.Mäkin suosin aina Logitechin hiiriä :)


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