January 06, 2016

December Empties

Hello there ~ Today is a national holiday (= no work or school) here in Finland which means it's time for a new blog post :) Today's post is the last empties of 2015 ! As usual - if I have featured a product on my previous empties I will link you to that post. You can check out my previous empties here. Let's start !

D'RAN Wonder Lifting Eye Cream (25 g)

This really long-lasting, rich eye cream came from Memebox last year. I've been using it pretty much every day as a night eye cream for the whole year and I haven't even finished it. I think this one is too heavy-duty for my eyes. One huge minus about this one is that it somehow gets in to my eyes and makes them really itchy & my vision temporarily blurry ! I wouldn't repurchase this. Rate: 2-/5

LUMENE Arctic Aqua Deep Moisture Eye Gel (15 ml)

I've featured this on my January 2015 empties :)

L'OCCITANE Cleansing & Softening Shower Oil (35 ml)

This travel sized shower oil came from LivBox in October. I think it was pretty good - not too strong scent, foams up somewhat well & moisturizes my body. I think I got 5-10 uses from this little bottle ! I would recommend this but I wouldn't repurchase this. Rate: 3½/5

ETUDE HOUSE Age Defense Essential Softener & Emulsion (5 ml)

This cute mini duo came from Mishibox in November. I got about 5 uses from these both and I liked them. I think they helped to moisturize my skin from the deep & lightened my zit scarring. These absorbs fast & smells good ! I would recommend but I don't think I would repurchase these. Minus from the hard plastic packaging... Rate: 4-/5

AVEC MOI Pony Tail Silky Treatment Pack (8 g)

This one came also from the same Memebox. I found this really good for my dry hair ! You get one use from the hair sheet mask. After the mask my hair was soooo silky and smelled really great haha ! I would totally recommend this ! Rate: 4+/5

PALMOLIVE Aroma Sensations So Dynamic Bath & Shower (500 ml)

This shower gel was bought by my sister so I haven't showed it on my blog before. As I used 1/3 of this I wanted to feature this :D If you're an active follower of my blog you should know already - Palmolive is great because their products are affordable, good quality & nicely scented ! This one is no exception either. I would recommend this and I would buy this again :) Rate: 5/5

FORMULA 10.0.6 So Totally Clean (200 ml)

I bought this one in November and I really fell in love ! My new HG toner for sure ~ This one is alcohol-free so yay for us with sensitive skin ! It has sea kelp, cucumber & chamomile in it; all the goodies in one product :) My skin has gotten a lot better - it's not as irritated & red as it used to be and the moisture balance is getting better also. I totally recommend this and I've already repurchased this ! Rate: 5/5

SENSAI Silky Purifying Cleansing Milk (8 ml)

I got this from my lovely reader in October :) Once again - thank you ^^ Between the 3 cleansing product samples I got this one ran out first. I'm not that fond of cleansing milks but this was okay but nothing special. It smells good as well :) I would recommend this but I wouldn't buy this. Rate: 3/5

HERBINA Gentle Peeling Cream (75 ml)

I bought this one in August and I finally finished it. It's sensitive yet effective exfoliator. It smells sooooo nice ;W; Mild but delicious scent :D I liked this and I might repurchase this. Who knows? Rate: 4+/5

AVEC MOI Shea Butter Special Care Foot Mask (16 g)

This one also came in the same Memebox :) It's a moisturizing sheet mask for feet & does its job really well. This one also smells good :) I love trying out different masks and I really liked this .) I would recommend this. Rate: 4½/5

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