December 13, 2015

[UNBOXING] Mishibox November 2015

Hello there ~ Ever since Memebox stopped international shipping I've been looking for an alternative. Few months ago I stumbled upon Mishibox but they didn't ship to Finland - yet. In the beginning of November I noticed that they are finally shipping to Finland so I immediately subscribed to Mishibox.

The subscription box is 19,95$/month plus the shipping cost which is now 7,95$ to Finland. You can check the shipping cost & countries here. They also have a shop which sells Korean cosmetics. Their store carries well known brands such as Holika Holika, Missha and TonyMoly as well as brands I've never heard about - for example Magis Lene, MJ Care and Skylake.

The boxes are shipped on 10th day every month and it takes around 1-3 weeks for international shipping. I got my box on December 4th so it took about 4 weeks to arrive. I did receive the tracking code when the box was shipped but unfortunately it was no use - it didn't update after the shipping day. I emailed Mishibox few times because I got scared and thought my box was lost. They answered that in order to keep the shipping cost low they chooses the cheapest option possible so it might not update often. (Why do they charge for shipping then?! And why offer a tracking code which doesn't work properly?!) Anyways today I came to show you guys what I got from my Mishibox November edition.

An info card which has information about the products as well as "How to read Korean dates". I personally like that there is a guide to that because not many might know what these two words; 까지 (kkaji; Expiration date) and 제조 (jejo; Manufactured date) means. Don't be scared if the product shows 2015.08.20 제조 - it means the product was manufactured on 20th August, 2015. 

TONYMOLY Fresh Cleansing Tissue (15 sheets)

First product is a mini-size version of a bestseller from TonyMoly. This water-type cleansing tissue contains baking powder to remove heavy make-up and impurities while five natural oil ingredients nourishes the skin. I've yet to open this so I can't say how they works. The retail price is 5$ for 15 sheets.

WHITE CAT Vita-White 2 Times Mask (1 sheet; 25 g)

Second product is from a brand called White Cat which I've never heard before. There were three versions of sheet masks in the boxes - Charcoal; pore care, White; whitening and Aqua; wrinkle care. I got the whitening one. All of the masks are free of parabens, mineral oil, benzophenone, petrolatum, imidazolidinyl urea, talc, sulfate and BHT. I just used this sheet mask this morning and I gotta say I really loved the fact that it fit my face perfectly ! Usually sheet masks are too big and droopy for my face #smallfaceproblems I also liked the mild, fruity scent :) This one retails at 3$.

SECRET KEY Snail Repairing Eye Cream (30 ml)

This is formulated with snail secretion and EGF to improve skin elasticity and vitality, protect the skin, brighten and moisturize as well as reduce wrinkles and dark circles around the eye area. It's suitable for all skin types. I've been using this as a night time eye cream and my eye area has been liking this so far. Only thing I don't like is the strong scent; I prefer my eye products to be scentless. Other than that I really love this. This is full sized and retails at 17$.

D'RAN Wonder Snail Treatment Cream Anti Wrinkle & Whitening (100 g)

Another snail product ! This one is supposed to be a multi-functional snail cream which diminishes scar tissues, enhances the skin barrier and restores skin's radiance and moisture. Snail secretion filtrate and silkworm cocoon extract helps to restore the deep luminosity of the skin while also nourishing it. This one is supposed to relief redness and smooth the rough skin texture. On the using directions it's suggested to use this one as a night cream which I've been also doing. This one absorbs pretty fast to my skin and when I wash it off in the morning my face is super soft ;W; The scent in this one is also pretty strong. Another minus is that there's no spatula. This one if full sized and retails at 43$ !

ETUDE HOUSE Age Defense Essential Softener & Emulsion (5 ml)

Last but not least is this mini duo from Etude House. They're supposed to provide anti-aging and whitening to make the skin smooth, firm and moisturized. Includes niacinamide to help lighten hyperpigmentation due to acne scars or sun exposure and reduce the appearance of aging skin. So far I've tried these twice so I don't have any specific opinion yet. The product is difficult to get out of the packaging because it's hard plastic - I always scoop it out with a cotton bud ! Both of these absorbs fast and smells nice. The full sized products are 130 ml and retails at 28$.

Overall thoughts? I'd recommend Mishibox for those who wants to try out Korean cosmetics but doesn't know what to try and for those who wants a monthly surprise. I personally liked the box a lot but due to the shipping length as well as not-that-well-working tracking code I decided not to continue subscribing. Also because I think it's pretty expensive when you combine the price + shipping fees. Have you tried any of these products? Comment below and let me know :)

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