December 27, 2015

[UNBOXING] LivBox December 2015

Hello ~ How was your Christmas? I had planned to write this before but as I mentioned on FB my laptop keyboard got a bit broken and I had to order a portable keyboard + mouse for it. And I didn't want to spend my time blogging during Christmas holidays so here I am now :) Anyways let's see what I got from the last LivBox of 2015. At the same time it's going to be my last LivBox - for now at least.

I decided to unsubscribe myself because I've gotten so many similar things from the boxes this year that I have a good line waiting for me to finish the products & I want to save some money :) And let's face the fact; LivBox has gone only worse direction. I've been pondering on when to unsubscribe and decided the time is now.

COLGATE Max White One (75 ml)

A toothpaste - again ! I've got nothing to write about toothpastes anymore. Just a regular whitening toothpaste. I think this one is 3rd one from LivBox this year? This is full sized one and retails at 3,30 €.

PALMOLIVE Aroma Sensations Feel Glamorous Pampering Shower Scrub (50 ml)

Next up is a travel sized version of this shower scrub from Palmolive. I've used this about 3-5 times now and there's 1/4 left. It has blackberry fruit, bourbon vanilla and dragon fruit in it and it smells pretty nice. The full sized one is 250 ml and costs 3,30 €.

NATUSAN 24 Hour Moisture Hand Cream (100 ml)

Next one is a full sized hand cream from Natusan. It has pretty strong scent which lingers on my hands even after the product has absorbed. It absorbs pretty fast. Nothing special to say about this yet... This one retails at 3,45 €.

CUTRIN Bio+ Clear Shampoo (50 ml)

Another anti-dandruff shampoo. Seriously - there came one in November as well ! Does LivBox team really read the "Beauty Profile/Preferences" at all?! It cleanses well but I don't really have problems with dandruff... So I just use this as a deep cleansing shampoo once in every 1-2 weeks. The full sized is 200 ml and retails at 14,90 €.

LAVERA Glossy Lips (6,5 ml)

This is maybe the best product from the whole box this month. I've never tried anything from Lavera so I'm glad I get to test this. The shade is natural, your lips but better, kind of shade. I've been using this quite a lot and it's not too sticky. It feels moisturizing. This one is full sized and retails at 15,20 €.

ÉTRE BELLE Hyaluronic Triple Effect Quicklift Day & Night Serum (5 ml)

I've used this few times but I don't know how this is supposed to work on my skin. It kinda foams up when applying and I find that weird - it's not a cleanser ! It has a strong, fresh scent. I don't have anything special to say about this one either. The full sized is 30 ml and retails at 58,90 €.

And this hair thingy along with a raw chocolate I already ate before taking the photos were a free gift. I really don't have any use to this hair thingy as my hair is too thin and too short for these. I can barely fill up half of this with my hair... #thinhairedpeopleproblems

A nice way to end my subscription - a gift for long time subscribers ! Without this trio from philosophy and without the lip gloss from Lavera this box would have been the lames ever. I think it still was pretty lame...

So yeah I unsubscribed from LivBox which means there won't be more LivBox unboxings coming in the future. With these words I'll also finish this post :) Bye for now and I'll try to get more posts out soon(ish). I'm still on my Christmas holiday for the whole next week ^^


  1. #thinhairedpeopleproblems - LOL, I'm feeling you with that one. Also, it doesn't help if you're an Asian drama fan and all you see are beautiful Asian actresses with thick, long hair that goes on for miles (even the dudes have got more hair than me). I so wish I was able to fill up one of those hair thingies too.

    1. *high five* LOL ! Good to know I ain't the only one with the problem XD It's not nice to hear people with thick hair to complain how their hair is too heavy. Thick hair is better than thin hair all the time !

  2. Kiitos päivän piristyksestä :P Ei ollenkaan kaduta, että tuli syksyllä lopetettua Livboxin tilaus. Tuntuu, että boksien sisältö vaan huononee ja huononee samalla kun niistä on kadonnut ihan kokonaan se wow- factor mitä niissä joskus oli.

    1. Kiva, että jotain viihdytti :'Dd Viime boksit on vaan mennyt huonompaan suuntaan koko ajan ://

  3. the products do look boring :)) it's a good decision to unsubscribe! hope you'll find another exciting box soon!

    Pudding Monster

    1. I think I can never find anything as exciting as Memebox :(( Too bad they don't ship worldwide anymore ;___;


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