December 11, 2015

November in a nutshell ~

Hello ~ How was your week? I've been busy at work as always but this week I luckily was able to recharge myself mentally during two concerts which happened to be on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you follow me on twitter (which you should - my tweets are boring af) you might know that I went to see SuG and B1A4 :) Both concerts were amazing but unfortunately I'm not writing about those as it wasn't allowed to take photos during the concerts. Now shall we finally wrap up the November - this is what I did during November :)

1. Artsy-fartsy photo of birds sitting on phone cables :D
2. Waiting for bus after work
3. Getting fat at Arnold's - DONUUUUTS !
4. Pretty Christmas decorations at Sello shopping center

1. On my way home one day
2. Too lazy and tired (plus no daylight) to wear makeup these days...
On a bright side I think my skin has gotten a little better :)
3. Went to watch Veteran with Oona :) I totally recommend to watch the movie - it's really good !
You can read more about the movie on My Drama List. It's one of the best selling movies in Korea this year !

Waiting for bus on different days...
3.30PM on the left... 5.30PM on the right...
Can't it just snow already?

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