December 04, 2015

Haul from WishTrend

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Hello there ! How was your week? For me this week has been typical; sleep, work, come home, sleep repeat. But now it's finally Friday and I have time to post this haul for :) I meant to post this haul earlier but I just haven't found any free time to do that. I wish I was the type who can write 2 months worth of posts during the weekends and then just publish them when it's time. Unfortunately I'm the type who likes to post whenever she feels like it... And the lack of daylight is not helping either. It's dark when I wake up and it's dark when I come home. Thus I can take photos only during the weekends...

But that's enough for the rant and now it's time to show you guys what I bought from WishTrend. I placed my order around Halloween and got my order on November 13th or so. Make sure you scroll until the end to see December coupon codes ;)

Despite being somewhat expensive cleanser in my scale I'm really loving this ! It's gentle on my skin yet I can actually SEE my skin is clean after using this. I've been using this one mainly on the mornings because it's fast. I do notice that my skin feels a bit squeaky (?) afterwards but it goes away after I use toner. This is recommended for skin that is prone to break outs, has clogged pores and a rough, uneven texture. I would totally recommend this one !

Another cleanser I bought is from PONGDANG. A brand I've never heard but I wanted to try this out. Compared to 23YEARS OLD cleanser above this one takes more time because you have to make the foam in your hands before washing your face with this. I've been using this one mainly as a night cleanser. Together with this combo I think my skin has gotten a lot better ! This one also gives the squeaky clean effect but it also goes away after toner. These both have pretty similar scent in them. I can't choose which one I like more between these two :) 

I haven't opened this one yet but I've read many good reviews about this. I bought this one mainly just to use it with my ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser (see my previous haul here) as I'm running out of its original ElishaCoy cleansing foam. I can't say more about this cleanser yet but I'm sure it's going to be good as well :)

I bought this Konjac sponge because I wanted to get something more in order to get free shipping ^^ So I hit 2 birds at one stone as my previous Konjac sponge has come to its end. This one is your typical sponge - except that it's made of 100% natural Konjac from Jeju Island, in Korea.

As I mentioned in the beginning - I placed this order on Halloween so I used their Halloween free gift code and got 2 Peking Opera sheet masks from Berrisom. These aren't on sale and were only as gifts :) I've yet to try these on. When I do I might post a selca to instagram XD

And above you can see the free samples I got with my order :) I really liked all of the samples and even though they lasted for one use each sample I could see my skin was better next morning ! What magic do they add in these?! Have you tried any of the products? Comment below and let me know ~ ^^


LASTCODE2015  = 10% OFF orders $55+
LIPPATCH2015DEC = One free Berrisom SOS My lip Patch on any order. Limited quantity provided. If code does not work, please use the 10% coupon instead.

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