November 18, 2015

[UNBOXING] LivBox November 2015

Hello ~ Today I came to show you guys what I got from the recent LivBox :) You can see my previous unboxings here. This time the theme is "If you had three wishes..." which means there are some products that have been wished by the LivBox fans as well as a product chosen by a Finnish beauty blogger (blog here) whom the subscribers of LivBox have also wished for :D Curious much? Read more after the cut !

HERBINA Moisture Balance 3IN1 Moisturizing Face Mask (50 ml)

First off is this new deeply hydrating mask by Herbina. For those who don't know the brand; Herbina is a Finnish cosmetic brand under a company called Berner. There are three different ways to use this mask thus 3IN1 in the name I guess. It can be used as a 3 minute quick moisture mask, 10 minute powerful hydrating mask or as a sleeping mask. I prefer using it as the later one :) This has almond oil, shea butter and rose water in it. It has been dermatologically tested. I will be reviewing this separately someday so wait for that :) This is full sized and retails at 5,50 € here in Finland.

NIVEA Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover (125 ml)

Second product is the best seller from Nivea as well as a product people wished for. I recently just ran out of my make-up remover so I'll be using this but I don't really like Nivea... I don't know why but 90% of the products seems to irritate my skin somehow... Anyhow this is gentle and it's supposed to remove waterproof makeup easily but effectively. It's supposed to suit contact lens users as well ! This is full sized and retails at 5,25 € here in Finland.

RICH Pure Luxury Argan Oil Rejuvenating Elixir (30 ml)

This argan oil from RICH also is a product wished by the LivBox fans. I remember how I cursed the bag sample of this last year. I remember I spilled it everywhere and ended up having argan oil on the floor, my hands, clothes - everywhere ! I'm glad this time it actually is in a travel sized sample packaging ! I've yet to open this but I'm sure my hair will like this :) The full sized is 70 ml and retails at 16,90 €.

HEAD&SHOULDERS Classic Clean Shampoo (75 ml)

Off next we have a basic shampoo. I've always heard of the brand and seen the commercials on TV but I've never tried any products from head&shoulders. I haven't opened this yet because I don't have free space on the shower shelf at the moment :'DD The full sized is 250 ml and retails at 4,30 €.

LABELLO Care & Colour Lip Balm #Red (4,8 g)

Now we have a new lip balm from Labello. It's your typical slightly tinted lip balm. The shade I got is Red but there's also lighter Rosé named shade available. Compared to Baby Lips this one is more moisturizing :) This one is full sized and retails at 2,75 € here in Finland.

LUMENE Bright Now Vitamin C BB Cream SPF 20 #00 Fair (50 ml)

Last but not least is the product chosen by the blogger I mentioned in the beginning. Did you check out her blog? Her photos are amazing ! Puts my blog in shame LOL ! Anyhow this one is a BB Cream by Finnish company called Lumene. I got the lightest possible shade and it fits my skin tone really well. I will be reviewing this one separately as well so keep your eyes on my blog in the future as well :) This one is full sized and retails at 14,90 €.


These two products were a gift :) I've almost finished the perfume sample !

JORDAN Easy Reach Flosser (25 pcs)

Basic product but not so basic. How many of you guys forgets to floss your teeth before brushing them? I know I forget LOL ! But now that I have these I remember it easier :) These retails at 3,80 €.

CALVIN KLEIN Eternity Now EdP (1,2 ml)

I'm really glad there are these perfume samples every now and then ! I absolutely fell in love with this scent and I've almost finished it ! I might buy the full sized version someday ~ The full sized is 30 ml and retails at 45 € here in Finland.

That's all for this months LivBox. Have you tried any of the products? Comment below and let me know how did you like them :) 


  1. I haven't tried out any of these products, but they seem interesting! Will you review all of them?

    1. I'm gonna review the mask and BB Cream at least :)


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