November 14, 2015

October photos ~

Hello ~ This is long overdue but only now I had time to edit the photos. I don't know how many of you guys read my random photo posts but I like to post them for myself at least :) So this is what I've been doing in October ~ ^^

While going to work and coming back home I get to enjoy the beautiful nature of Finland :) Though now it's dark when I go to work and dark at 4PM when I leave from work... I hope it snows soon !

Nasu, Lulu and Coco the Corgi ^^

Food, food and food XD

While I'm busy at work and basically living with the power of coffee I always try to drink at least 1,5 liters of water everyday. And I try to put a mud mask on my face once a week at least :)

I was working at the KDC on October 31st :) It was nice but hectic to see what happens behind the scenes. I was working at the cloak room during the event so I couldn't really see the dances or anything. Next year I'll be going as a regular visitor LOL ! But it was a nice experience and I really liked it :) And wow this year KDC sold out for the first time !

And last but not least on October 16th I went to see MIYAVI for the 3rd time ~ He was great as always :) Below are few clips I filmed during the concert ~ ^^ I didn't want to write a separate concert post because I just wrote one last year. Click here to read it :)

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