November 09, 2015

October Empties

Hello ~ Long time no see. I was planning to get this post out sooner but the daylight and I didn't share same thoughts. Thus I was only able to take the photos during Saturday... But here's my October Empties. As usual if I have featured a product before I will just link you to the post instead of writing about it again :) You can see my previous empties here. Let's start shall we ^^ 

MISSHA Time Revolution Wrinkle Cure Soft Toner & Lotion (sample)

I've featured this one on my February empties :)

ETUDE HOUSE Real Art Moisture Cleansing Oil (25 ml)

I've featured this on my January empties :)

THE BODY SHOP Tea Tree Oil (10 ml)

I bought this one in August and I've been using it twice a day on a daily basis until it finished. I think this was pretty good but I prefer easier products for my zits. This one is really hygienic though ! I mean you have to use a new cotton swab every time XD I might repurchase this again. Rate: 4½/5

DOVE Go Fresh Nutrium Moisture Fresh Touch Body Wash (250 ml)

I bought this one in September and now it's finished. I've used this one before as well and I like it. It moisturizes a bit (or so it feels at least) and smells nice too :) I prefer fresh scented shampoos and body washes over sweet scented ones. This one has cucumber & green tea scent so it's perfect for my nose ^^ Overall this is great and I would repurchase this. Rate: 4½/5

LUMENE Bright Touch Refreshing Toner (200 ml)

I featured this one on my September empties ^^

MISSHA Green Tea Lip & Eye Makeup Remover (90 ml)

I've featured this on my June empties ~

CLINIQUE Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Color Balm #03 Mightiest Maraschino (1,2 g)

This one came from LivBox in March 2014. I've been using it on-off since then and the most I used it last winter. While I was doing some cleaning on my makeup I realized it's time to throw this one away. I've almost finished it and I have too many red shades opened LOL ! So it's time for this to go. This one was nothing special despite the fact that I liked and used it a lot last year. Rate: 3½/5

3 CONCEPT EYES I'm Good Mascara (8,5 g)

My current ultimate favorite mascara ! I bought this one from Winkie Winkie last December and I've been using it pretty much on a daily basis ever since. It's sad to see this go but I'm sure I'll be coming back to this one soon. I've reviewed this here so read that for more :) Rate: 5-/5

ETUDE HOUSE Rosy Tint Lips #5 Baby Peony (7 g)

I bought this one in March 2014 and I haven't used it much. I really like the shade but the applicator/packaging is really difficult to use. I've had this opened for over an year now and I noticed that the applicator had MOLD in it. So yeah, time to throw this away. Wouldn't repurchase this only because of the packaging. Rate: 2/5

3 CONCEPT EYES Creamy Lip Color #5 Dazzling (4,5 g)

I bought this one in August 2014 so it's about time for this to go as well. I've reviewed this here so go read that :) I really like the shade but the texture doesn't really work on my lips :/ I found that the color disappears really quickly... I don't think I would repurchase this again. Rate: 3½/5


That's all for now ~ I'm going to watch few episodes of drama or variety shows and then go to sleep. Got an early wake-up tomorrow again. I hope you all have a great week and maybe we'll see on Friday at the latest ^^


  1. I love the colour of the watery 3ce lip but like you just doesn't last!

    1. It's a shame because I really love the shade ;W;


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