November 28, 2015

Cosmetic Love Haul

Hello dears ~ Today I came to post my Cosmetic Love haul :) Click this to get a special 15% discount code which you can use for your first purchase. Cosmetic Love is currently having their Black Friday sales. Did you check them already? There are still 2 days left ! So this is what I ordered. I ordered few "must have" products this time.

I ran out of my previous sleeping pack and it was time to try a new one. Innisfree has yet to disappoint me so I wanted to try out their sleeping pack. I've been using this every night and I think the moisture balance on my skin has gotten better. I can't say if it's because of this sleeping pack or because I recently switched my skin care products (hauls are coming soon...). Anyways I really love using this. This is really light yet heavy-duty moisturizing so I use it on the night only. I tried using this during the day also but it didn't work for my skin that well. However I think people with dry to very dry skin could use this during the day as well.

I also ran out of my powder so it was time to repurchase this. I would've just repurchased the loose powder but I couldn't find it separately so I got a set which was very affordable. My current holy grail powder :) This one is my 3rd one ! I haven't used the pact that much but I like that it comes with a mirror and an applicator ~ For the loose powder I prefer using a brush.

As a multitasker who loves & frequently uses sheet masks I'm always looking for ways to make use of the time laying down without moving an inch with a sheet mask on my face. I've been wanting to try out these silicone masks for a long time but never found any sites to buy it. Cosmetic Love finally has these and I ordered one right away. Expectations were high but as I am Caucasian and born with V-lined jaw... This obviously is too big for my face. People who have struggles fitting sheet mask on their face because they are too big for us - don't buy this. If your face fits perfectly / is too big for sheet masks - buy this. And the fact that this tightens the mask on my face makes the mask drip down on my chin a lot more. Hit or miss?

Last but not least is this BB Cream. I originally wanted to repurchase the Bright Fit version but couldn't find it anywhere ! Maybe Etude House doesn't make it anymore? Anyways this one is the closest to that one so I bought it. I've yet to open this. Should I review this one as well? Comment below and let me know ^^

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