October 19, 2015

[UNBOXING] LivBox October 2015

Hi there ~ I had an autumn break last week and I spent it by watching dramas and catching up with variety shows. Besides that I also went to MIYAVI's concert on Friday. I'll be writing briefly about it later so stay tuned :) Today I went back to work and I had a huge workload waiting for me there. I somehow managed to get all done on time and now I'm here writing this post for you guys ^^

Today's post is LivBox October unboxing and the theme this time is "Autumn is coming again". As usual you can see my previous unboxings behind this tag. Shall we get started?

PEPSODENT White Now Gold Toothpaste (75 ml)

Just your normal toothpaste which promises to give a shining white smile after the first use. Bullshit I say but it's just toothpaste. Nothing special. It has a fresh taste and it dyes my toothbrush blue. This is full sized and retails at 4€.

L'OCCITANE Almond Shower Oil (35 ml)

This is supposed to form a luxuriously soft foam when touched with water. It's supposed to leave the skin soft as satin and nicely scented. It has almond oil in it. I haven't tested this yet so I can't say more :D The full sized is 250 ml and retails at 19,50€.

VASELINE Intensive Care Essential Healing Spray Moisturizer (190 ml)

This type of moisturizer is a total new to me ! This one is supposed to moisturize the skin as well as nourish it from the deep. It has a mild scent, it absorbs fast and is ideal for daily use. So far I've tried this only once and I must say I really like this system. This is perfect for someone who is as lazy as I am ! This is full sized and retails at 5,50€.

LUMENE Nude Perfection Glow Foundation #1 Classic Beige (30 ml)

Glowy skin trend is slowly creeping up to Finland as well. This is a brand new release from Lumene and it's supposed to make your skin glow by giving a sheer coverage and letting your own skin tone show through. It's supposed to moisturize and leave the skin looking fresh. I tried this on the weekend and it looked very natural. So natural that I could see the redness of my skin poking through. Unlike the Nude Perfection Fluid Foundation I got from LivBox February this one is more like a tinted moisturizer. Both of these have the same shade and sheer coverage but this one is just a tinted moisturizer in my opinion. I think this might be best for those who have naturally flawless skin. Not for those of us whose skin is red. Should I review this someday? This one is full sized and retails at 17,90€.

SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Beauty Balm (30 ml)
SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL BC Bonacure Color Freeze CC Cream (30 ml)

OH NO ! More hair products again ! I have nothing against hair products. It's just that they have been recently appearing in every box for the past three months at least. I don't finish them that quickly... I've yet to even open these so I don't have anything to say. The Beauty Balm is a moisturizing while the CC Cream (seriously...?) has a heat protecting in it. It's mainly for colored hair. The full sized products are 125 ml and retails at 12,90€.

BELLÁPIERRE COSMETICS Shimmer Powder #SP003 Champagne (2,35 g)

As a loyal, long time subscriber I got this as a free gift. It's supposed to be an all-in-one product which can be used for eyes as an eye shadow as well as an eyeliner, for the skin when mixed with powder, for the lips and nails as well. I've tried this for my eyelids and I like the little shimmer it gives but is still natural. This one is full sized and retails at 13€.

SKINGAIN Collagen Drink (1 sachet sample)

There was also a sample of this inner beauty collagen drink ~ I always like to try out different inner beauty drinks but this one didn't taste that nice. It's powder and you have to mix it with cold water to get a "fresh, citrus tasting drink". It was nice to test this but I don't think I would buy this.


That's all for now ~ Have you tried any of the products? Comment below and let me know ^^

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