October 05, 2015

September wrap-up

Hello ~

How was your weekend? I had a terrible migraine pretty much for the whole weekend but despite that I managed to take photos for one upcoming review :) This week I have work and next week is finally the long awaited autumn break ! Next week I'm also going to MIYAVI concert ~ It's going to be my 3rd time seeing him live. Last time was last year (read the post here). Now let's see what I did during September :)

1. My sister got a chili plant from someone but she abandoned it. I adopted it ;W; I don't know how to grow chili but at least it's alive and looks pretty !
2. Student budget lunch at work, instant noodles. What do you guys eat at work?
3. A treat for myself from myself after a long week at work ~ Raspberry cheesecake and caramel frappe ;W;
4. Drama time ~ I love Lee Jun Ki ! The drama is Scholar Who Walks The Night

It's totally autumn now ~
Autumn is really pretty but I prefer summer...

LUNAFLY concert ~ They came to Finland on 13th September and performed at Gloria, Helsinki. I went there with Kiia :) Thank you for keeping me company ^^ I didn't want to write a concert post of this because I'm not a huge fan of them. And it wasn't allowed to take photos during the concert either... The 2 photos on the top row are taken by me, 2 others are screenshots I took from the concert FB page.

They were really good live ! Too bad I didn't recognize any songs except the two songs I knew beforehand XD They played many covers and also their own songs. The covers are one reason why I didn't know what they were playing... :D I did recognize few covers as well. I will be keeping my eyes and ears on LUNAFLY in the future as well :)

And some of the snaps from September :)

That's all for now ~ Make sure you stay updated on what goes behind the blog by following me on twitter, instagram & snapchat: hava_rava :) I wish you all a great week and I'll be back with September empties soon ^^ I'll leave you with few songs by LUNAFLY :)

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