October 02, 2015

September Haul

Hello there ! How was your September? My flu is finally over and I'm healthy again :) I've been working at my internship for the whole week and the time I'm home I mainly just read blogs, drink tea and sleep. It's finally weekend so it's time for new posts ~ Today I came to post my very minimal haul from September. Are you curious to see what I bought? Let's start !

LUMENE Arctic Aqua Deep Moisture Eye Gel (15 ml)

Repurchase :) I ran out of my previous eye cream so I had to buy a new one. This one is my all time favorite so far. It's moisturizing and light enough to use under makeup, absorbs fast and doesn't nourish my skin too much so it doesn't give white bumps like some other eye creams tends to.

DOVE GoFresh Nutrium Moisture Fresh Touch Body Wash Cucumber & Green Tea (250 ml)

Everyone needs to shower LOL ! I like my shower gels cheap. I don't really have any other wishes from shower gels besides low price, good scent and decent size. This one has it all plus it moisturizes a bit as well :) I've been really liking this ^^


I've always dreamed of getting one of these LOL ! When I saw this while buying the products above I had to get it because it was so cheap. I remember I read a review somewhere on these few months back. And how glad I am I got this !! I've been sleeping so much better and I've felt more rested after the night :) Only minus side is that because this touches the skin and you have all skincare products on and the skin might get sweaty during the night etc. it might cause breakouts on the forehead, eyebrow and eye area. So gotta make sure to wash this often !

The products above were bought with my own money. The products below I bought with a 50€ gift card I got as a birthday present from my aunt :) After these 3 products I still had 25€ left on my gift card. I used rest of it to food LOL !

LUMENE Bright Touch Refreshing Toner (200 ml)

I feel like I'm starting to repeat myself every month. Repurchase as well. This one is my new favorite toner :) It doesn't irritate my skin and I think my skin has gotten a bit brighter when using this.

GARNIER Mineral UltraDry Anti-Perspirant (50 ml)

The best anti-perspirant I've ever found. HG product and repurchase for the millionth time (not really). No words needed for this.

SENSAI Mascara 38°C (6 ml)

And while I was shopping with a gift card I decided to splurge and got this cult mascara from Sensai. It was on discount as well! I've never tried any products from Sensai because it's damn expensive here in Finland.

And these I ordered from Cosmetic Love (affiliate link) at the end of August and they arrived to me in the beginning of September. Pimple patches from COSRX, oil control film (blotting paper) from THEFACESHOP and some mascaras from Etude House, It's Skin and Missha. I also got Innisfree cleansing oil samples as freebie ~ I really fell in love with that !


That's all I have for now. I will be reviewing all the mascaras someday (hopefully this year LOL) so stay tuned for my upcoming posts ~ I wish you all have amazing weekend :)


  1. Nice haul! I hope that you had a great September c: You should review the pimple patches~

    1. Oh damn I should have ! Too bad I already finished the pimple patches... :D


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