October 14, 2015


Hello ~ Today I came to post my review/unboxing on Neko Snacks for you guys. Neko Snacks is your normal monthly snack subscription system. This one offers three different size/price options and has high promises. Not to mention it's really cheap ! When I first read about it I thought "This is gonna be great" but in reality I was really disappointed for this box. Read more to find out why.

I chose "Premium Neko" which is 15$/month. I subscribed in the beginning of August and I got an email stating "Thank you for registering" and I didn't receive any email or anything on when my box would be shipped. I checked their site in September and noticed that they are having a delay in shipping. According to their site they STILL are having delay in shipping and it's been a month since then. I read somewhere that they ship from Florida so I thought "Oh that's why it's taking time" and didn't think much about it. Then in the middle of September I was charged for another month and I've yet to receive my first box.
We will start packing and shipping the bag around the 25th day each month. You will receive an email confirmation with the tracking code once your bag has been shipped. -- from Neko Snacks FAQ page
This point I got a little mad and emailed Neko Snacks that I've been charged for two months and I haven't received anything. No answer. I waited about one week more and emailed them again. No answer. "Great, I've been scammed" was my first thought at this point. At the end of September I finally received my first box. But... It's from Russia, St. Petersburg and not from United States, Florida? Oh well, at least I received it (really late though). At this point I instantly went to unsubscribe and I'm not sure if I'll ever receive my 2nd box... To be honest I'm not even waiting for it.

Now let's see what I got in my "Premium Neko" box. You remember what it promises to include from the photo above? It promises to have 11-13 snacks and a drink inside. When I ordered I read that it would also include a free gift as well. It doesn't state that on the site anymore... I didn't receive any free gift by the way.

This was the only paper I could find in the box. It's really pathetic try at apologizing and promoting at the same time. Megabox? I wonder how "mega" that is... No thank you.

This is all there was in the whole box. Not even bubble wrap or anything. 13 random snacks, 2 bags of crumbled cookie snacks and a Ramune drink. Where are the full sized snacks?! If you throw in randomly like this I would at least appreciate to KNOW what there is inside. No info card or anything. I'm not going to review the snacks separately because I have no idea what is what and most of them tasted really artificial. Below you can see close up photos on the snacks separately.


Never again. If you're been thinking about ordering Neko Snacks, think again and don't order. I don't think this is worth 15$ at all. I've read many disappointing reviews (for example this one) on this and I'm glad I'm able to share the word. This is why I love blogging. Even if it's disappointing I want to share my honest thoughts with you guys so you can save your money :)

That's all for now. Have you wasted your money for this? What are your thoughts on Neko Snacks? Comment below and let me know ~~ I'll be back with more happier unboxings soon :)


  1. RUSSIA? The heck? D: When they e-mailed me they said they were based in Florida. I am substantially confused. This entire box was a disaster from the start.

    1. Yeah. It showed on the box that it was shipped from Russia... Which makes even less sense, as Finland is right next to Russia.

  2. No noiha o kaikki selkeesti otettu isommista pakkauksista eikä oo sisältö todellakaa 15$ arvonen:'D hyi kauhee.

    1. No älä muuta sano ! Olis kiva, jos siellä sivuillaki lukis oikein... Siellä kun luvataan täyskokosia sekä näytekokosia karkkeja...

  3. And to think I almost canceled my Japan Yum subscription for Neko Snacks, thanks for the review!


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