September 18, 2015

[UNBOXING] Korea Box September 2015

Hey you ~ Are you hungry? Do you crave for snacks? Go grab something before you read today's post - it's all about Korean snacks ! On today's post I'm unboxing Korea Box K-Snack Box Premium September 2015 edition for you guys. 

Korea Box family receives authentic Korean items in a box once a month with FREE international shipping from Korea.
  • K-Beauty Box Mini: 2 to 3 popular and brand new Korean cosmetics are included
  • K-Beauty Box: 5 to 7 popular and brand new Korean cosmetics are included
  • Regular K-Snack Box: 5 to 8 unique and delicious Korean snacks are included
  • Premium K-Snack Box: 13 to 16 unique Korean goodies are included
  • K-Pop Box: 3 to 5 unique K-Pop stars' goods are included
Korea Box offers three different boxes every month; K-BeautyK-Pop and K-Snack ! I didn't want to order beauty box because it seems too overpriced in my taste and I think it's cheaper and better to just order separately the items I want. I didn't want the music box either because I don't have any use for all that k-pop merchandise and I have too much stuff anyways.

The snack box sounded the best; it's edible so I don't need to worry about having too much stuff in my room and I've always wanted to try Korean snacks. I chose premium snack box which is 30,99$ /month.

First off there is this pamphlet thingy where you can see what's inside, contact information and all that stuff. Unfortunately Korea Box doesn't provide allergy information.

As a special gift there was a sheet mask by Tony Moly, peeling gel sample by the saem and a cute handwritten letter by the staff :) This is what made me really love the box even more ! Also the cute panda fan below was in the box :)

CROWN Ice Heim Greek Yogurt Waffle - This should be put into freezer before eating. I think this was okay :) I could taste the yogurt. Would love to try this again ~

LOTTE Flavono Gum - This one has green tea extract inside. The taste is very mild, not fresh as I've used in Finnish gums. Doesn't taste much like green tea... Don't know if that's good or bad LOL ! Not my cup of tea. I think the fact that these are the only ones I have left tells something... I prefer my Finnish chewing gums.

CROWN Couque D'asse Soft Coffee Cream Cookie - This smells like coffee. I think it was edible but it somewhat tasted like burnt cake... Wouldn't eat this again.

CROWN Ppotto Soft Creamy Butter Cracker Sand - This smells like buttery popcorn ! It has a bit sweet and greasy taste but I liked it. Would like to try this again :)

CROWN Cheese Sand Soft Cheese Cracker - This really smells and tastes like cheese ! I would eat this again as well ~

LOTTE Anytime Sugar Free Xylitol Candy - There were three of these in the box. These have three layers; the outer layers are a bit creamy and the inner layer is fresh, xylitol tasting one. I think these are more like throat candies than actual snacks?

OMG, It's So Sour! - These really are sour ! It tastes like apples. I can't eat many of these in a row because of the sourness. I would try these again :)

MY GUMMY Chewy Natural Rich Grape Flavor Jelly - This literally is like a clump of jelly in a bag. I thought first that there would be separate jelly candies but it's all one big clump LOL ! The scent is pretty artificial and not to my liking. The taste is pretty tasteless. I'm not sure if I'd eat these again...

HOME RUN BALL Soft Ball With Camembert Cheese Inside - These reminds me of those puffy sweets that has whipped cream inside. I can't remember the name... Is it just a cream puff? These doesn't taste that much cheese and they're greasy but still I finished this all in one go... Would love to eat these again ^^

CROWN Cham Cracker Saltine Crackers - I don't know if these are supposed to be salty or not. To me they tasted like nothing. They somewhat reminds me of TUC crackers. I prefer TUCs but I think I would try these again. I think these would be good snack at work :)

PORORO Kids' Cracker - These are tasteless, colorless and scentless; great for kids ! Despite that I really liked these! I kept reaching for more and more until I finished these. I don't know how many of my international readers know The Moomin Cookies (Muumi-keksit) we have here in Finland. These really reminds me of those ! I want more LOL !

ZZANG E YA Sweet Nutty Snack - I really like these ! I can taste the nutty taste and for some reason I found cinnamon in the taste as well. But it might be just me? I want more!

CHEETOS Honey Cheese Flavor - I think these are my absolute favorites in the whole box ! I have no words to describe how good these are ;W; More please?

TWIST Korean Traditional Grain Syrup Snack - Tastes like honey and nuts. I think the taste is mild but the more you eat the more you reach for. I'd eat these again :)

Have you tried any of the snacks above? What are your favorite Korean snacks?


  1. I think that you are pretty pleased with this package c: The food looks so good :)

    1. Yeah ;W; I can't wait for October box :D I know it's shipped already and I'm nervously waiting for it to arrive XD


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