September 11, 2015

My life in August ~

Hello loves ~ How was your week? It's finally Friday and I have time to quickly post my random photos from August. I've been mentally tired because of my internship and I don't want to stress over my blog. My Japanese lessons also resumed again and they're every Tuesday. My goal for this year is to pass the JLPTN5 (Japanese Language Profiency Test N5) exam which is in December. Without longer prologue let's see what I did in August. If you've been following my blog for past 3 months or more you might already know what the post has inside LOL ! My life is boring T^T

When I still was on summer holiday ~ I miss summer a lot !

Two bentos from past few weeks ~ First one has some leftover foods with boiled eggs, sliced red paprika and carrot. Second one has rice, salmon and sliced red and yellow paprika as well as cucumber. I really like this bento box I showed in my Blippo Haul.

My nails and faces from the month ~

And some of my snaps ~ I snap whenever I feel like it :)


If you want to see more of my life make sure you follow me on twitter, instagram and snapchat: hava_rava :) I think that's all I have for now. I'm gonna relax with a cup of tea and youtube videos. I have so much to catch up :D I hope I'll be able to post a new post by Monday but I won't make promises. Until then, bye ^^ Have a great weekend everyone ~

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