September 16, 2015

August Empties

Hi ~ I'm down with cold so I have a sick leave for today. I decided to make use of it and I came to post my August empties for you :) As usual you can see my previous empties here and if I have featured a product before I won't write about it again. There are lots of empties this time. Let's see what I finished/am throwing away this time !

LUMENE Sensitive Touch Extra Gentle Toner (300 ml)

I have featured this on my June Empties :) 

E.L.F Zit Zapper Acne Treatment (6 ml)

This one as well :)

INSTITUT CLAUDE BELL RIZ-RICE Foaming Rice Cleanser (200 ml)

I got this from Harmony Life back in May and I wrote about this before (post here). I don't want to repeat the same words :) Long story short: scent is not to my liking, the packaging is very difficult and the product is hard to squeeze out, it stings my eyes. Wouldn't repurchase this one. Rate: 3-/5

MYPU; Black Pearl & Gold Velvet Gel Eye Patch (1,1g x 60ea)

I got these from Memebox in January and I haven't been using these that much. I really liked these but the scent... It smelled like something had gone bad. I did like how these moisturized my under eye area really well and made it seem like my dark circles had gotten lighter. Or at least gave a placebo effect if nothing else. At first I was planning to use these 1-2 times a week. That turned into 1-2 times a month... So I didn't finish these on time. Because the usage period after opening is 6 Months and because of the scent I'm throwing these away now. I really like these however. I wouldn't repurchase these because the price is too high. I would buy a cheaper and better smelling alternative though. Rate: 4/5

NATURE REPUBLIC Soothing & Moisture 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (300 ml)

I have featured this on my January empties :)

L'OCCITANE Verbena Shower Gel (30 ml)

I got this from LivBox in June and I've been using this every now and then. I think I got 10-15 uses from this sample ! It foams up really well and has a strong, pleasant and refreshing lemongrass scent in it. I would recommend this but because of the price I wouldn't buy the full sized product. I don't want to pay more than 5€ for shower gels. This one costs 16€ ! Rate: 4/5

PALMOLIVE Thermal Spa Ocean Vitality (250 ml)
PALMOLIVE Aroma Therapy Morning Tonic (250 ml)

I bought both of these back in May and I really like these. Palmolive shower gels are really nice because they smells good, are cheap, lasts long and everything. Would repurchase these again. Rate: 5/5

CUTRIN PROFESSIONAL Sensitive Care Spray (200 ml)

I bought this one in March and I'm really surprised I already finished it ! I thought it would last longer. Usually leave-in hair treatment sprays lasts about a year in my use. This one is fragrance-free and it's really good for sensitive scalp. I would recommend this but I don't think I would repurchase this. Rate: 4-/5

ETUDE HOUSE Don't Worry Happy Change Lip Balm (3,5 g)

I won this from Etude House giveaway last year. I've been using it mainly at home during the night and as "in between" lip balm after finishing my HG lip balm and waiting for money to buy a new one. This one isn't anything special and that's why it took me almost a year to finish this one small lip balm. I think this is good but not the best. Wouldn't repurchase this one. Rate: 3+/5

REXONA Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant (45 ml)

This one came from LivBox in June as well. I used this and at first I liked it. At one point I noticed many white marks on my clothes and after that I used this only when I was at home. It also didn't work as well as I had expected. Not going to repurchase this one. Rate: 3-/5

THE BODY SHOP 4 Step Nail Buffer

I got this from a friend in 2010 and I've been using it ever since. This has served me well but it's now time to let it retire. I really love this :) Rate: 5-/5

MIZON Magic Peeling Foot (40 ml)

I don't usually feature individually packed samples, sheet masks and stuff like that because they tends to leak and then all of my empties are full of the product juice. This one however is a special case because I had to come and praise this ! I got this from Memebox last year. It's your typical peeling socks for feet. You soak your feet in the socks for 90 minutes and then rinse it away. In few days your skin starts to peel off. During that process there are dead skin cells everywhere and I recommend you to wear socks if you don't want the skin everywhere :'DD After 1-2 weeks the skin is all new and soft like a baby's butt. My feet are still as new and really soft. Of course I have to exfoliate them every now and then and moisturize them but still. I have nothing but praise for this ! Totally recommend it ~ Rate: 5/5

INNISFREE Green Tea Balancing Special Kit

I ordered this from Cosmetic Love in July and really fell in love ! My skin felt moisturized, hydrated and better in any way. The best thing about these was that they're lightweight, absorbs quickly and didn't make my skin look greasy. I totally might buy the full sized products soon, I highly recommend everyone to try these out ! Rate: 5-/5

ETUDE HOUSE Real Art Cleansing Oil (25 ml)

I've featured this one on my January Empties as well :)

ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion (refill, 15 g)

I don't remember when I bought this specific refill and I've already repurchased it again, I've reviewed this here so go check my review if you want to find out more about this product. I mostly use this just on the days when my face is really red and I'm in a hurry. When used alone it makes my skin too white. Despite that I really like it :) I think after I finish my current refill I will try something else for a change. Rate: 5-/5


I got this from my Tokyo Luxey box last year. I was planning to do a review on this but... It had gotten old. I haven't used it that much but my sister has used it few times. It's too dark and orange for my skin :// I don't really have an opinion on this one because of that. Rate: 2/5

NASARANG Premium Herb BB Cream (30 g)

This one was part of the Memebox I won last year in a giveaway. I've used it few times and this one I also was planning to review but... It had gotten old as well. I remember this one was a bit too grey for my skin and I didn't like the scent. Rate: 3/5


  1. OOh I'm curious about the foot peeling item! I usually do a foot bath now and then but would love to try this!

    1. I totally recommend you try it out ! If you can't find from this brand I know Holika Holika has similar ones ~


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