August 03, 2015

Summer Cleaning VOL.2: What's new in my blog?

Hello and welcome to my "new" blog :)

Did I scare you? Some of you might get a small shock when this blog appears on your feed now. "What is this blog? I don't follow anything with that name? Have I been hacked?" might be the first questions to pop on your head. Same has happened to me when a "new" blog appears on my feed. Then I scroll through and I shout "Aha!" and realize it's the same old blog which has just gone through some changes. Today I came to tell you why my blog went through a change and how did it change. Old time readers might already see the changes but new readers might not. Shall we see what has changed ~

As you can see the biggest change is obviously new name and url. I still like the previous name .loving (since 2013) but the url was complicated and I wanted something more simple and more like me. So I went with my name - jennahoo. So unique right ! My real name is Jenna and H - spelled as hoo in Finnish - is the first alphabet of my surname. It has also been my username on some sites so I thought why not use it. I also wanted my own custom domain so I registered to my use. No more end on the url. It's hopefully easier to remember now :)

Second biggest change is the layout ! Just like with the name I wanted a simpler and cleaner look for my blog. My previous layout (can be seen here) started to feel a bit messy and boring to me. So I searched for pre-made blogger layouts and found a cute little website called Bella Lulu Ink and fell in love with their designs. What's even better is that the prizes are really affordable at less than 30$ and you can instantly install the layout to your blog after paying. They also give you great instructions and everything. I really recommend their store :)

Third biggest change might be that I went through my older posts and deleted everything that didn't have any views and comments. Those were mostly just everyday stuff that I feel like doesn't belong to this blog anymore. I kept only some of the important ones. I still might go and delete some of them. Not sure yet. While I was doing that I also cleaned/organized the labels (process still going on) and updated the tabs. There is a new tab called "Featured On" which I'm going to start list all the achievements, mentions and blog awards etc. of this blog :)

How it looked before organizing

Fourth biggest change is that there are now more ways to follow my blog. Previously there were GFCBloglovin', FB, G+Blogkeen, email and RSS feed. Now there are also SheSaidBeauty and two Finnish sites and Blogipolku. All of the ways to follow can be found on the sidebar. Feel free to follow using the way you prefer. While I changed the name I ended up deleting the previous G+ page because there wasn't an option to change the url so I had to make a new one. Luckily FB has the option to change it once :) I also deleted my tumblr because I haven't been using it for a really long time and I kept forgetting the password. As usual I can be found from instagram, twitter and snapchat @HAVA_RAVA ~ I also made an account to snupps as well :) I will be sharing some cosmetic related stuff there so stay tuned. You can find me from snupps by the username jennahoo (link here). 
That's all for the changes I think. Comment below and tell me what you think about my "new blog". If there are any posts you would like to see in the future comment below and I'll try my best to make them come true. I will try to update my blog 1-3 times a week and next posts are the monthly posts but under a new name now :)


  1. I love the new layout of your blog Jenna! You did amazing with the changes!

    1. OMG thank you so much ;W; I've always loved your layouts as well :)


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