August 17, 2015

[REVIEW] The Face Shop Natural Sun ECO Sebum Control Moisture Sun (40 SPF PA+++)

As you might have read from the title - today I'm reviewing this The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Sebum Control Moisture Sun also known as sun cream for you. The name is such a mouthful !

- Water based sun cream calms down hot and tired skin
- Absorbs quickly upon application without any stickiness
- Solve the biggest concern in the summer of sun protection and pore care at the same time
- Can be used as makeup primer as it controls excessive sebum with moisturizing effect
- SPF 40 PA+++
- 50ml/1.69oz
-- Description taken from amazon
2017 UPDATE: The product is discontinued and can't be found anywhere. If you find this somewhere it is most likely fake or old product. Be careful when shopping online !

The product comes in a pretty packaging which has sunflowers printed on it. The sun cream is inside a squeezable tube which has a twist type cap. Under that is a secure sticker you need to remove before you can use the product. You can find all the basic info you need such as the name, SPF, usage period etc. in English and in French as well. Ingredients are listed only in Korean. Which is a bummer for those who wants to check out what the product has inside... I found out that the ingredients can be found on COSDNA so check them there :)

Text from top to bottom:

Purified extract of sunflower sprouts / NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) / Sebum Control / No Animal Sourced Ingredients


The scent is really mild and fresh. You can smell that it's a sun block product but it's not too empowering scent. The scent disappears pretty quickly so I think this is good for those with sensitive noses :)

The texture is really nice ~ It's easy to apply, absorbs quickly and I haven't noticed it leaving a white cast on my face. It's non-sticky and my face feels really nice after applying. However I've noticed that when I apply too much it does get a bit sticky and starts to crumble if I have used some thicker moisturizer under it. When used under makeup this is like a dream ! It keeps my makeup in place for a longer time, however I do use primer as well. Below you can see how the product applies on my hand.

The best part in this is that it doesn't break me out and it doesn't irritate my eyes. I obviously don't put this around my eyes but my previous sunblock product kinda dripped down to my eyes and my eyes started to sting :(


+ Pretty & hygienic packaging
+ Easy to use
+ Absorbs quickly, non-sticky finish
+ Can be used as a primer & sunblock
+ Affordable, can be found from many webstores
+ Travel friendly; small packaging
+ Works well with my skin; doesn't irritate or break me out

- Not much English on the packaging
- When used too much it crumbles on my skin

 RATING: 4+/5  Have you tried this product before? What are your favorite sunblock products? Comment below and let me know :)


  1. i love how the product really blends! great to hear that it works out for you ;) btw, let's keep in touch and support each other :D we should follow each other, i adore your blog!

    Pudding Monster

    1. It blends really well :) I thought I already followed you on bloglovin but I might have accidentally unfollowed while doing some cleaning.

  2. Hi, I'm just curious. The product seems different from the original which had a metalliish look cap. This one is plastic. Could it be a fake?

    1. I think there might have been packaging style change at some point? I bought it from Cosmetic Love which I trust the most.


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