August 05, 2015

My July in a nutshell ~

Hello ~ Today I came to post my July random photos :) July started with a hot weather that lasted for about a week. After that it was cloudy, windy and/or rainy for pretty much rest of the month. In the beginning of July I went shopping with my friends ~ After that - because of the weather - I mostly just spent my time inside the house watching dramas (check out my MDL to see what I'm watching at the moment), Korean variety shows and videos on youtube. Of course I also went outside with my dogs :) Pretty typical lifestyle of mine in the summer ~ 

1. Arrived to Helsinki ~ Helsinki is so beautiful during the summer ^^ The photo is taken near the railway station through the train window :D

2. At Magnum Pleasure Store with my friends ~ This has been a "must do" on my summer bucket list for a couple years now. Finally got it done ! It's open during the summer only so it was now or never situation. I chose white chocolate ice cream and with dried strawberries, coconut flakes and thin chocolate rolls as well as dark chocolate sauce as toppings. It was sooooo good ! Totally worth the 5€ when you consider the fact that this is "one of a kind" ice cream :)

3. Coconut ice latte ~ This is taken on a different day when I was shopping alone at Sello. I love Robert's Coffee so much. If I lived next to one I'd probably go there everyday but I think it's better this way LOL !

4. A pretty flower I took a photo on my way home from Robert's Coffee ~ I have no idea what flower that is. If you know please tell me in the comment section below  ~

On a walk with the dogs and mom ~ These photos have just few seconds between LOL !

1. Lulu sleeping
2. Nasu sleeping
3. On a walk with Sani ~
4. Coco the Corgi
5. Sani from a different angle :)

My nails from the month ~ Orange and yellow nail polishes used I bought in July. Haul coming soon  ~ The second nails I just used base coat, some nail stickers from Etude House and top coat, I think they turned out pretty cute ^^

Two selcas from the month ~ No makeup but a lots of filters :D
I think my skin has gotten a bit better (but now it's breaking out again)

Some snaps from July :) Make sure you follow me on snapchat: HAVA_RAVA

I think that's all :) If you haven't joined my giveaway go join now ! You have a chance to win some Asian cosmetics and a bunch of samples ! Here are some songs I've been loving the past month ~


  1. The magnum ice looks sooo good! :o I prefer white chocolate over normal chocolate haha :D I've never been to Helsinki, but it's definitely on my travel list c:
    Btw I'm so in love with Got7 ♡ Who's your bias? JB is ma boy ♡♡

    1. OMG it tastes so good ! In ice cream I also prefer white chocolate :) I totally recommend you visit Helsinki either during the summer or then during the winter when it's snow ^^

      My fav from GOT7 is Jackson ~ :D


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