August 13, 2015

LivBox August 2015

Hi dears ~ Today I came to show you guys what I got from LivBox this month. I'm a bit late with this but I had to prioritize my posts. Oh and there are four days left to join my giveaway. I'd appreciate if you could join :) If you haven't gotten your box yet (which would be weird) don't read further ! Unless you want to get spoiled ~ This month the theme is "There is still summer left" and the theme color is light purple. Let's see what I got shall we?

LUMENE Arctic Aqua 3D Hydration Cream Gel (50 ml)

First product is this oil-free creamy gel that promises to hydrate intensely, enlighten the complexion, help to minimize pores and keep skin matte. It promises to make skin feel smooth, fresh and soft all day. The suggested age of use for this product is from 20s to 40s. It's formulated without parabens, formaldehyde donors and mineral oil. It's also free of alcohol. It has a fresh, pretty strong scent. But I like the scent :)

It promises a lot but does it work like it says? I'm not 100% sure to be honest. It does moisturize really well and keeps the skin matte. It makes my skin feel smooth, fresh and soft right after it has absorbed but on my skin gets a bit sticky during the day. After 4-5 hours or so I have to go wash my face with cold water during the summer. Also the fact that it makes the skin matte makes it crumble when I wear makeup. So I like to use this as a night cream instead :) In that way it works really well. This is full sized and retails at 11,90€ here in Finland.

DERMOSIL Structure & Volume Superstrong Hairspray (50 ml)

Second one is this travel sized hairspray. It's scentless so it's a plus ! I really hate when my hairspray smells bad and gives me a headache. I've been using this for a few days and it really does hold my baby hair in place when I'm wearing a ponytail. This travel sized one retails at 2,70€ on 

WELLA EIMI Perfect Me Lightweight BB Lotion (100 ml)

BB Lotion for hair? That's new I guess. But do they have to lump the "BB" into every product? This is a light lotion that can be used for dry or damp hair to create a natural style. It makes your hair silky soft and shiny. It also protects the hair from the heat and UV-rays. It also promises to moisturize, remove static and fix damaged hair as well.

When I first got this to my hands I was like "Oh gosh not another hair product that needs blow dryer to work!" but I was glad to figure out that I don't need to use blow dryer. I've been using this after shower to make my hair soft and I really like this :) Another thing I like is that this is a pump type bottle. I usually use 3-4 pumps on my hair. I pump it on my hands, spread it on my hands and then apply it to the mid length and ends of my hair. This also smells really nice :) This is full sized and retails at 21,90€ here in Finland.

NIVEA invisible anti-perspirant (25 ml)

Another anti-perspirant?! This is already 3rd one this year... There was one in April and June. One thing I like is that this is a travel sized one so this should finish quickly. That is after I have finished the previous ones... I've never tried this but my sister has used this one a lot. I'm a bit skeptical of this because it says "No white marks, anti-yellow staining". I've yet to encounter an anti-perspirant that works as well as my HG from Garnier. But we'll see how this is. One thing I really don't like about this is the fact that the packaging is made from glass. That's it for the travel friendly travel size LOL ! The full sized is 50 ml and retails at 3€ here in Finland.

KUBISS London Nail Polish #46 (9 ml)

I always welcome new nail polishes ~ I haven't tried any nail polishes from this brand before. The shade looks somewhat coral-orange-raspberry-ish on the packaging but on my nails it looked more like fuchsia. I'm not sure if the color suits me that well but my mom said it's totally her color ! I tried this last week and posted a pic on my instagram as usual. I used 2 coats (plus base coat and top coat). I did my nails on Friday and on Monday I fixed few nails by adding another layer. On Tuesday I removed it all because few nails started to crack. So it lasted about 4-5 days on my nails. This is full sized and retails at 4,95€ for 2 on 

CUTRIN COLOR ISM Shampoo & Conditioner (75 ml)

Last but not least is another pair of shampoo & conditioner of the year. There was one pair in March and July as well. I've yet to finish the ones I got in July. But I'm really excited to test this duo out ! This duo is made for color treated normal & fine hair. They has antioxidants from Nordic raspberry in it which is supposed to protect and nurture the hair as well as make the hair easier to handle and give a nice shine to the hair. This duo also contains UVA & UVB shield which is a nice plus ! One thing I really like is that these can be used 24 months after opening ! The full sized shampoo is 300 ml and retails at 12,90€ while the conditioner is 200 ml and retails at 14,90 € here in Finland.


That's it for this time ~ Comment below what you think about the content :) Have you tried any of the products? Let me know how you like them. I'm really excited for September box because the products in it are chosen by some of the most famous Finnish beauty bloggers ! 

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