August 07, 2015

July Haul

Hello dears ~ Before I show you my July Haul I want to remind you about my ongoing giveaway (click here). Go join before it's too late ! And now to my haul ~ In July I didn't buy much but I bought only the necessities. Let's see what I shopped in July ^^

MIRAME Nail Polish Remover (125 ml) - Sokos Emotion - ~3€

I ran out of my previous one (will be on July Empties, stay tuned!) so I had to buy a new one. I don't know about you guys but I don't like splurging lots of money to a nail polish remover. I always choose the cheapest possible and usually they works the best as well. I've used this one before so I know this is good ^^ I can't remember the exact price because I accidentally threw away the receipt... 

L'OREAL PARIS Color Riche Nail Polish #834 Banana Pop
& #303 Lush Tangerine ( 5 ml) - Sokos Emotion - ~2,50 €

I ran out of yellow nail polish in May so it was time to buy a new one. I searched for the same one but I couldn't find so I went with this one from L'oréal instead. And I'm glad I did ! I like the color a lot. While I was buying the yellow I noticed that they were on sale so I picked up the orange as well. I used these two nail polishes on the nails I showed you on my previous post :) These were two for the price of one but I don't remember the exact price... 

Two Sided Make-up Mirror - Anttila - 11,90 €
Powder Brush - Anttila - 11,90 €
Blush/Bronzer Brush - Anttila - 9,90 €

I've never had a proper make-up mirror with a stand so I immediately bought this when I saw it. I also bought two random make-up brushes because my current ones are starting to break off... These are synthetic material and really soft ! So far I like these a lot :)

E.L.F. Essential Zit Zapper Acne Treatment (6 ml) - - 4,49 €

My new HG against pimples ! No words needed.

Sandalette Shoes - DinSko - 34,90 €

I needed to get new shoes for summer and I instantly fell in love with these ~

I think that's all for now ~ I'm trying to push out July Empties during this week as well. And after that it's time for LivBox August unboxing which arrived yesterday. I'm behind my schedule T^T Bye bye ~ 

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