July 25, 2015

[REVIEW] Arrahan Peeling Gel

Hello dears ~ Today I'm reviewing this unique product I got from my 1st Memebox last year. I've been using this pretty much on a weekly basis to exfoliate my face 1-2 a week for almost a year now. And I've still got almost half of the product left! The product I'm reviewing today is Arrahan Peeling Gel. Aren't you curious to find out more? Keep on reading ~ 

Arrahan Peeling Gel is a soft exfoliant. This unique product targets only dead skin cells. Instantly brightens the skin tone. Can be used for the face, elbows, knees, hands and any part of the body. Improves skin texture with a smooth, healthy complexion. 
How to use: Remove your make-up and apply with dry hands on dry skin, avoiding eye area. Massage gently onto face for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. 

The peeling gel comes in a squeezable tube which comes inside a box. The tube has a twist type cap and under that is a secure sticker that you need to rip off before you can use the product. The packaging on the tube as well as the box follows the same theme and it looks very oriental. The tube has slightly pinker color while the box is more brownish.

The product and the box both has all the information in Korean and in English as well. Only difference being that the ingredient list is only on the box. The English on the packaging is understandable but it's definitely not written by someone who is native in English. Dare to say it's most likely written with google translate :D


I honestly can't say for sure. I got this from Memebox last year and I really want to find out where can I get more after I run out. However I did found this one on amazon with 22,58$.


The scent is pretty mild and pleasant to me. I haven't sniffed oriental medicine but I can imagine it being similar to the scent of this one. The gel pretty thick yet soft and easy to massage on my face. It's pretty difficult to describe the texture so I took a demonstrative photo for you to see :)

I usually use this product so that I first wash my face, then I dry it and apply the product on my face. I let it sit for 30-90 seconds while I exfoliate my hands with this same product. Then I rinse it off from my hands, dry them and then massage the product on my face for 2-3 minutes and rinse away. After that I can instantly see that my face looks a lot softer and brighter :) It's really gentle on the skin ~


+ Really gentle on the skin
+ Does what it promises to do
+ Long-lasting, little goes a long way
+ Can be used for the whole body
+ Works really well on my skin

+/- Broken English on the packaging

- Difficult to find anywhere

 RATING: 4½/5  Would I repurchase this product? I might repurchase if I can find it anywhere. I personally would recommend this to anyone. I think this might be good for people with sensitive skin, oily skin, mixed skin and pretty much every skin type :) I totally recommend everyone to try this out if you can find this somewhere.

Have you tried this before? Comment below and let me know ~

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