July 19, 2015

My TOP 10 Korean songs of 2015 1st half ♪♪

Hello my fellow Korean music lovers ~ It's again time for the music catch-up aka MY TOP 10 Korean songs of 2015 1st half. You can see my previous TOP-series here. If you aren't a fan (yet) now is a good time to get to know Korean music. Korean music has so many genres inside and there is more to K-Pop than just PSY. Just saying :)

In 2015, from January to June, there have been sooo many great comebacks that originally this list had 50 songs. With much difficulties I managed to cut it down to 10 songs. I obviously have not listened all the songs released during this time period :) These are in no particular order ~ Go grab a cup of tea or something to drink because this is long. Let's start !


I'm kicking off this list with Mad Clown. I haven't heard his songs before except some he featured in. This song was released in January and since then I've been loving it a lot. The song is really good as it mixes Mad Clown rapping and Jinsil of Mad Soul Child singing in perfect harmony. The lyrics are well written too. Add Hani from EXID starring in the music video and you have a masterpiece for sure. The music video is really well done and I love how it shows the unhealthy relationship of two people who love each other but just can't get along. That's how the video and lyrics seems to me at least. Make sure to switch the English subtitles on to see the lyrics :)

JONGHYUN - Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)

I'm a huge fan of SHINee and when I heard Jonghyun was going to debut solo I was jumping all over the house. In my opinion Jonghyun is the best singer out of all SHINee members. And the fact that IRON, a rapper whom I fell in love while watching Show Me The Money 3 last year, is featuring in SM Entertainment song got me even more hyped up. Few days ago I downloaded the whole mini-album and I regret I didn't do that earlier. The whole release is pure gold ! I have no idea what the lyrics say as I haven't checked them out but the music video sure looks good ~ It's pretty different from the usual box MV's that SM Entertainment tends to do... 


This is pretty different from what I usually listen to. I haven't heard anything from Planet Shiver before this song. I think it's time to check out more of them. If I'm not wrong they have this concept where they plays the music and feature someone singing in their songs. In this particular song they have featured Crush and oh my god his voice is to die for. I really recommend to check out the English subtitles as I cried a bit at first when I heard this. And the music video is quite different from the usual music videos I'm used to. Different in a good way that is. I also recommend you to watch the music video really closely. It clearly has a message in it :)

JJCC - Fire

I have been following JJCC since their debut last year. All of their songs are really nice. This is their 3rd single and it has a really catchy tune to it. JJCC is the very first K-Pop group formed by no other than Jackie Chan? I wonder if Jackie Chan will act in their music videos in the future? That would be nice to see XD This is pretty much your typical K-Pop song but I really like it ~ By the way this is the second song called Fire on this list :D The music video is really funny. If I had a car I would take it to repairs to this place ;P


Finally some girls LOL ! No matter what anyone says I love Crayon Pop. A lot. FM is no exception. The song is weirdly haunting and the music video is really funny. It kinda reminds me of Sailor Moon mixed with some other shows like Bleach and Power Rangers. This style is so typical Crayon Pop that I don't have much to say. It's refreshing to see concepts like this in the fierce and competitive K-Pop scene. 

IRON - Blu

More IRON on this list ~ I'm so glad he released his own song ! This song is featuring Babylon who has some great vocals ! I really like IRON's style of rapping. He has his own colors and the music video is pretty cool too ~ I can't wait for the day when he releases more music :) His voice and looks *fangirl on the loose* oh my god ! Those contact lenses also ! Oh how I wish I knew what the lyrics are about... I need to check them soon. I really love the laid back feel in the song ~

JINUSEAN - Tell Me One More Time

JINUSEAN made a comeback after 11 years ! This song is a remake of their hit song Tell Me which featured Uhm Jung Hwa and was released in 1997. In this new version they have Jang Hanna featuring. Her voice is really good and fits the song ~ I haven't heard the original so I can't speak for that but this one really has been stuck in my head for a long time. In the music video you can see glimpses of Korean celebrities such as comedians Yoo Jae Suk and Haha, Epik High and Bobby from YG Entertainment's upcoming group iKON. Last year was Masta Wu and this year it's JINUSEAN. Maybe next year is 1TYM? Please YG, make it happen LOL !

TYMEE - Love Is

My favorite Korean female solo artist is back ~ She was previously known as e.via (2009-2013) and as Napper in the underground K-Hip-Hop scene. She has been through a lot, you can find all that from Wikipedia if you want to find out why. She changed her company and name from e.via to tymee in 2013. Now she finally have found her way in the music. Or at least it seems like it. She seems to be happy :) I really love this song. It's so beautiful and it features Subin from Dal Shabet. Their voices works together really well. I hope tymee finally gets the recognition she deserves ~~ This song is perfect for the summer and I've been humming and singing along a lot :)


FT ISLAND is one of my ultimate favorite bands. I absolutely love all their songs and this one is no exception. It's on more rougher side than their usual songs. I really like this style too ~ Lee Hong Ki's voice is on the top 1% in Korean music scene in my opinion. His voice is so unique and full of feels. I hope I can someday see FT ISLAND live ;W; That would be one dream coming true ~~ One reason why I love FT ISLAND so much is because they are a band and not the typical k-pop group. I'm not sure what the song is about but based on the music video it does have some deep meaning. 

XIA JUNSU - Flower

I have no words to tell you how beautiful this is. First off, Xia Junsu from JYJ with his superb vocals. He also belongs to the top 1% best vocalists in Korea. Add Tablo from Epik High featuring and that alone is enough to get a perfect masterpiece. Add an amazing and touching music video to this everything and you have something that can't be described with words. This tells a really strong story but I can't really understand it. Some say it's based on the story of the god Cronus, king of the Titans and some say this is based on Xia's history with SM Entertainment... I can't really say which one it is but it definitely is beautiful and full of feels. This is a must watch for everyone. I literally cry every time I watch the music video.

Songs that almost made it to the list: Amber - Shake That Brass, SHINHWA - Sniper, Flowsik - The Calling, MFBTY - Bang Diggy Bang Bang, BTS - I Need You, Jang Hyunseung - Ma First, N.Flying - Awesome, BIG BANG - We Like To Party, BIG BANG - Loser


Now I'm finally done with this ! I might write a Japanese version if anyone is interested about that. And I might just do it anyways. That's all for now :) I hope you enjoyed the post. What are your favorite Korean songs from the 1st half? Comment below and let me know ~~

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