June 04, 2015

My May in a nutshell ~

Hello lovelies ~ Today I came to quickly post how my May went. May was a pretty chill month for me when it comes to school. Almost all of the school work was done so there was no need to go to school. During May I was busy looking for an internship work place and I luckily found one ! In May the sun finally showed and the flowers bloomed :)

On May 22nd I went to see k-pop group BOYFRIEND to Gloria. I had bought an early entry ticket so I didn't have to be in the queue for the whole day. I hanged out with Oona before and during the concert. The concert itself was really nice and the weather was perfect too ~ I won't be writing a separate concert report of the day because I don't have much material (and I don't even remember that much of the concert anymore as it's been few weeks since then...). All in all BOYFRIEND is a group to keep an eye in the future. They are much better live than I had expected.

In May I had time to do my nails twice ~ The mint nails I did day before the concert and the gradient nails I did last week ^^ Which one do you like the better?

That's all for now ~ I'll end the post with some songs I've been loving lately ^^ Until the next time bye bye. Next post will be May Empties so look forward to that one :)

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