June 08, 2015

LivBox June 2015

Hello ~ As I said on my previous post this time I will be posting you about LivBox June edition. The box arrived to my mailbox on Friday last week. This month the theme is "To a summer camp or to Madeira?" meaning that no matter where you go the products will come in handy. Are you curious to see what's inside this time? Continue reading ~

KUBISS LONDON Face Powder No. 1 Translucent 12 g

A new brand to LivBox and to me as well. I have never heard about the brand before. This powder is supposed to blend easily to highlight and contour the face. This can be used for 36 months after opening. I don't know how my skin will like this as the first ingredient on the list is talc... I try to avoid products with talc because they clogs my pores. My sister will welcome this gladly however. And I am more than willing to give this to her as I have my Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder I use. Apparently there are 4 different shade options available. The one I got is No. 1 Translucent. I'm also not very fond of the scent of the powder. It's pretty strong and smells like my mom's makeup I used to try as a little girl. I'm sure you all know that scent? The powder is full sized and costs 3,95€.

NATURAL CODE by LUMENE Eye Intensifier Waterproof Eye Liner Pencil #2 Pearly Taupe 1,2g

Second product is another makeup product. This eyeliner promises to stay on perfectly even on humid and hot climates. There are 4 shades available: matte black and three seasonal shades matte turquoise, pearly taupe and shimmery metallic nude. Most likely I will be giving this one to my sister as well. I'm more of a lip-makeup girl and my sister is more of an eye-makeup girl. This is full sized and costs 7,90 €.

REXONA Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant 45 ml

Third one is this anti-perspirant. I've never tried this type of anti-perspirant before. I prefer roll-on type and most importantly Garnier when it comes to anti-perspirants. I still haven't finished the Dove one that came in April... And now another anti-perspirant. I didn't like the scent of Dove so I gave it to my sister. She told me she likes it. Anyhow this one has an apple and peachy scent mixed with jasmin and fresia. To get the best results this one should be applied on clean armpits before going to sleep. However it also can be used on the mornings as well. I will most likely try this few times and before I notice, my mom or sister have taken it over LOL ! I'll stick with my Garnier :) This one is full sized and costs 9,90€.

BERNARD CASSIERE Mint-Lemon Mattifying Moisturizer Fluid 15 ml

Another new brand to me ! This is supposed to be the perfect summer product for all skin types. This moisturizing matte fluid has a light, creamy consistency. It's suitable for mixed and/or oily skin as well as for skin which has impurities. This is supposed to balance the sebum secretion and remove impurities as well as moisturize the dry parts of the skin and leave a matte finish. I've been using this for few days now and I think it works better on my skin over night. Might be because I have glasses and the product seems to roll away on the parts where my glasses touches... I also noticed that if I apply too much or massage my face for too long, the product rolls away. The full sized product is 50ml and costs 49€.

RIMMEL LONDON 60 Seconds Nail Polish #513 Let's Get Nude 8 ml

This one might be my fav product of this box. I haven't tried it yet but I'm excited to try it soon. I don't have many nude nail polishes. I have one (and this one) to be more specific. This looks like it will be a very pretty color on nails. I can't wait to try it out ! This one is full sized and costs 5,50€.

L'OCCITANE Verbena Shower Gel 30 ml

Last product is this shower gel. It has really strong yet pleasant and refreshing scent to it. It smells like citron and orange. I tried this few days ago I like how it cleaned my skin without making it feel dry. The bottle is pretty as well ~ This one also might be my fav product from the box. I'm really glad that the bottle is see through so I can see how much there is left ! The full sized product is 250 ml and costs 16€.


Besides these there also was a toothbrush from Jordan and blister patches from Compeed as an extra products. All in all I'm satisfied with June box :) How did you like the box this time? Do you have any monthly beauty boxes subscribed? Comment below and let me know ~~ 


  1. I've only ever tried glossybox but this looks a lot better. how many products do you get in each box? :)x

    1. I haven't tried any other boxes because LivBox is the only beauty box that is available here in Finland. I tried few Memeboxes though but they stopped shipping to Finland, which is a shame because I loved those a lot.

      I'd say that LivBox usually has 5-7 products in it and 2-4 of them usually are full sized products.


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