June 30, 2015

June Haul ~

Hello ~ How are you feeling today? It's last day of June so it's a good time to show you what I bought in June. I didn't shop much this time ~ Let's see what I bought :)

Grey knitted cardigan - Gina Tricot - 19,95€

I've been looking something like this for a while and now I finally found one. I was prepared to pay 50€ for one but I found it cheaper :) Lucky ! This is really nice on chilly summer days when it's too cold to wear just t-shirt or a top but too hot to wear a jacket. 

White t-shirt with flower print - Gina Tricot - 9,95€

There is no such thing as too many shirts right? From my closet 2/3 are shirts and 1/3 are pants... I should buy more jeans too :D But this shirt is really comfy ~

Invisibobble (3 pcs) - Sokos Emotion - 5,90€

I decided to try these out and I'm not regretting it ! My ponytail looks thicker than usually and I don't get headaches as much as usually. Totally recommend these !

LUMENE 2in1 Shower Gel & Scrub - Sokos Emotion - 4,90€

I wanted to buy this one because I didn't have a body scrub. So far I've tried this few times and I really like it. And it's not too expensive either ~

LUMENE Sensitive Touch Extra Gentle Toner - Sokos Emotion - 9,90€

I needed to buy a new toner so I repurchased this one. This time I found a bigger one so this should last longer than the small 150ml one. I'm really happy they had these bigger ones :)

e.l.f Zit Zapper - Pretty.fi - 3,49€

I ran out of my previous one so I repurchased immediately. I've already used half of this so I need to repurchase it soon... New holy grail when it comes to fighting against pimples. And it certainly is affordable ! Totally recommend this one ! I have never tried e.l.f products before. What e.l.f products do you recommend?


Besides the products above I bought a ticket to one concert in October, vitamins, some food etc. How was your June? Comment below and let me know ^^ Until the next post, bye bye ~~

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