June 13, 2015

Candysan Haul #2

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Hello dears ~ Do you remember my huge Candysan Haul back in January?

I ordered some more goodies from Candysan on May 11th. The order was shipped on 15th and arrived to me on June 11th. This time my order was 27,31€ and the shipping was 15,44€. As I mentioned on the previous post as well the shipping cost is calculated based on the weight of your order.

I chose the cheaper alternative which takes up to 2-4 (or more) weeks to travel from Japan to Finland and it doesn't have a tracking code. The faster and safer option obviously costs more so if you want to play safe choose that one. Are you curious to see what I ordered this time? Go grab something to eat or drink while scrolling as this post is going to be a long one ~ Let's start !

Inside are 12 individually packed little chocolate caramel cubes. These have been sold in Japan since 1913 so they sure have been out there for a long time. One little cube has 21 kcal. These are really chewy. The taste and texture reminds me of similar ones from Riesen. I think these tastes really nice ~ These are really travel friendly. Might order these in the future as well :)

MORINAGA Chocoball Peanut Flavored & Caramel Flavored - 0,72$

Oh my gosh ! These are so good ! Peanuts covered with chocolate can never go wrong. I guess these are currently sold out as I can't find the product from the site anymore. The box is filled with chocoballs ~ The peanut flavored one has 136 kcal and the caramel one has 131 kcal. Out of these two I prefer the peanut flavored one :)

Inside are 5 individually packed banana flavored cookies with chocolate chips. The cookies really tastes like banana ~ Not too strong taste and not too artificial either. Just the right taste ! They're really soft also ^^ One cookie has 50 kcal. I really like these but I wish there were at least 10 cookies in one bag LOL ! There is also a pineapple flavored one available.

I bought these for the pretty packaging LOL ! These could be called beauty candies as they are rich in Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C. The bag is resealable so that's a big plus ! They won't dry and go bad if you forget them in your pocket for example. The bag has 129 kcal. At first the taste is really mild, pleasant and a bit milky taste. But after I bite and break the shell of the candy, the rose flavor bursts and is very strong at first but then it fades away when I swallow the candy. I wonder if I get prettier by eating these LOL ! These are worth trying but I don't think I would buy these again. There is also rose flavored chewing gum and rose & berry mix flavored candy available as well. 

This one is a lemon flavored cheese cake made of corn flakes. I haven't opened this one yet as I think it has to be eaten all right away after opening. And I can't eat it all by myself. So I can't describe the taste for you guys. This one has 234 kcal.

BOURBON Jyaga Choco - 1,50$

Oh ! These are really good as well ! Potato chips covered with chocolate. Omnomnom!! These are currently sold out I guess because I can't find them on the site anymore. I should have stacked more of these ! The whole pack has 201 kcal in it. The flavor is really weird and nice because it's a bit salty yet sweet. I totally recommend these !

I have tried these one before as well ~ These I can buy from Finland but here they are super expensive so I rather not. These are so cute, koalas everywhere ;W; Inside the packet there is a little bag filled with many little cookies filled with chocolate. This one has 269 kcal in it. There is also a strawberry&milk flavor available and it one also tastes really good.

FUJIYA LOOK A La Mode Chocolate (4 flavors) - 1,14$

These ones can't be found on the site anymore. Inside the packet there is 12 pieces of various flavored chocolates. Banana, almond, strawberry and caramel. I can definitely smell banana and strawberry right after opening the packaging. I think that all of them tastes pretty much the same but caramel and strawberry had the strongest flavor in them. I would recommend these ~ The whole packet has 271 kcal in it.

NABISCO OREO Macadamia - 2,73$

Inside the bag there are 12 minibars with Macadamia flavor. One minibar has 48 kcal in it. I can definitely taste the oreo in these but not so sure about macadamia flavor. I would order these again ~ Unfortunately at the moment they can't be found on the site.

GLICO Pocky Almond Crush - 1,60$

I featured these on my previous haul as well so I'm not gonna open and blab about these again. Currently sold out on the site :( I love these a lot ~

Whenever I watch Japanese drama and they eat taiyaki (a traditional Japanese fish shaped cake) I always want to try it. This one is shaped like taiyaki so I wanted to try it out. This is really light waffle filled with an aerated chocolate inside. One of these has 88 kcal in it. The taste is really nice but the waffle taste is a bit artificial. I'm glad I ordered 2 of these. There is also a strawberry flavored one available.

These both tastes pretty similar. The butter flavored one tastes more vividly and is a bit saltier I think. Both packets has 290 kcal in them. I really like these and I would order again. Besides these 2 flavors there are also salad and butter&tarako flavored ones.

KOIKEYA Scones BBQ - 1,13$

These are Cheetos-like Japanese salty corn snacks with Japanese BBQ flavor. This one is a decently sized packet and it has 441 kcal in it. I haven't opened these yet because I don't want them to go bad so I'm gonna save these for later. There are also Triple Cheese and Soy Sauce flavored ones available.

Black Thunder Gold - 0,50$

A chocolate bar that has 145 kcal in it. I can't find this from the site anymore and I haven't tried it yet so I can't speak more of this product. I think it will taste just like any other chocolate bar.

LOTTE Koala no Machi Cake Strawberry & Chocolate - 2,60$

There are 6 separately packed cookies inside. The whole packet has 130 kcal in it. These are very soft and the taste is artificial. These tastes a bit like the Chocopies I showed on my previous haul. Unlike the chocolate filled koala cookies I showed you above, these aren't that good. I could barely finish one. I would prefer if these were hard cookies. 

FURUTA Maple Vanilla Syrup Cookies - 1,47$

The packet has 10 cookies in it. Unlike the cookies above these one are hard and crunchy ! Just like cookies should be. These tastes really nice ~ Not too sweet, just perfect. One cookie has 45 kcal inside. Unfortunately I can't find these ones from the site anymore. I definitely recommend these ~

EIWA Blueberry & Green Tea Marshmallows - 1,20$

I'm not a big fan of marshmallows and still I ordered 2 bags of them. Funny how Japan can affect me. I haven't opened these 2 bags yet because they would dry out really fast if I don't eat them all at once. Between these 2 flavors I'm more intrigued to try out the blueberry one. I think it will taste better. I can't find these from the site anymore so I assume they're sold out as well.

GLICO Pocky Azuki Crush - 2,35$

This one I bought because I really loved the almond crush and I thought it would be nice to try out other flavors as well. So I chose azuki (red bean) flavored one. As usual there are 4 separate bags inside the packet and each bag has 5-6 pockys inside. The whole packet has 107 kcal inside. The taste is very similar to the almond crush one but more fruitier. I really like these ones as well ~ They can't be found on the site anymore :( 

GLICO Pocky Midi Milk Chocolate - 1,97$

I featured these ones also on my previous haul. At the moment these also can't be found on the site. I really like these ones too ~ That's why I ordered these ones again :)

And this... was a freebie. I have no idea what it is.
Looks like chocolate and tastes like it too.


That's it for my Candysan haul this time ~ Have you tried any of these? I know I will be munching these for a while. If you would like to try and want to order something feel free to use this code 042691801 in the registration and you will receive a 5% discount voucher you can use immediately. 


  1. Hi, Hava-san! It's Jiko!
    I love the Jagarico, too! You chose a lot of good things!
    The last one I think are supposed to be like "little branches," so there are little knobby things on the sticks of chocolate. Very light, and I can eat a whole small bag in a minute!

    1. Thanks for stopping by :)

      Jagarico tasted sooo good ! The last one tasted like dark chocolate and I ate the whole small bag (4 mini sticks) in less than a minute :D

  2. Thanks for putting this on your blog. I've always wondered what some of these tasted like. I haven't been brave enough to order any snacks from Japan yet. The only Japanese sweet I've tried was red bean pancakes (they were nice). Really interesting article.

    1. It's always a bet when ordering. I think that next time I'll order I'll pay for the tracking code and faster shipping. I don't want the packet to get lost in the process of shipping... But I totally recommend the store :)

      Thank you for reading and commenting :)


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