May 08, 2015

LivBox May 2015

Hello dears ^^ How was your week? I have been busy with school and job hunting. No summer job or part time job yet :( I need to find an internship workplace for August - January as well... No luck with that one either :// Yesterday I activated my 3 month gym membership ! Gonna get fit and get rid of the fat ! I will be busy with gym for the next 3 months if I want to get some visible results and tone up. At least I have something to do during the summer holiday LOL !

Today I came to post newest LivBox which came yesterday ~ Compared to last months meh-box this time the box seems really interesting. The theme is "Summer is a one big party". Curious to see what's inside? Continue reading ~~ If you haven't received your box yet stop reading unless you want to be spoiled ! You've been warned. 

NATUREL Nail Cover Stickers 20pcs / 10 sizes

First off is nail stickers. I might try these someday and give rest of them to my sister as she wants to try these too. Nothing special about these. I think these will look good when used in one or two nails as an accent nail. I don't think I will put the stickers to every nail. To use these you just need to apply base coat, stickers and finish off with a top coat for the best results. The packet costs 3,90€.

LUMENE Natural Bronze Shimmering BB Body Lotion 150 ml

This one is interesting as well but I doubt I will use it that often... I think I would like this more if it was just a regular wash-off tan without the shimmer. I don't like to sparkle :// This one seems to be good color to my pale skin :) My sister wants this so badly so I might give this to her. This is full sized and costs 14,90€.

DOVE Deeply Nourishing Body Wash 55 ml

A sample sized body wash. Just when I was looking for a small body wash to bring with me to the gym ! This one will do it. It has pretty strong scent to it. I'm not sure what the scent is but it's fresh. The full sized is 250 ml and costs 2,45€.

LA ROCHE-POSAY Thermal Spring Water 50 ml

Another gym product for me ! This is supposed to calm sensitive skin that has been irritated by sun or some other external subjects. This can be used as a toner or as an after-sun spray to calm the skin. This is safe to be used on children as well. I believe this can be used over makeup as well to freshen up the skin and whenever the skin feels hot and needs to cool down. The full sized is 150 ml and costs 10€.

NIVEA Lip Butter Coconut 16,7 g

Another lip butter from Nivea. I got another one in blueberry from September 2014 box and I gave that one to my sister as I didn't like the scent that much. She still hasn't finished it. I believe I will also be using this one for a long time... I think I will be using this one mostly as an overnight lip moisturizer because of the packaging. Compared to the blueberry one this smells SOOO NICE ! I love coconut scent a lot ! This one is full sized and costs 3,45€.

MAX FACTOR Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick #10 Couture Blush 2,8 g + a dual sharpener

Another lip product. I tried this and it was really nice but I gave it to my mom as an early Mother's Day gift :) She likes this one a lot ^^ This is good to use for 36 months. That's really long time period for a lip product. This one is full sized and costs 11,90€.


That's all for now ~ I'm going to remove my makeup now and go to sleep. And tomorrow going to the gym. Good night (or morning) wherever you are :) I hope you have a great weekend ! 

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