May 06, 2015

April Empties

Hello lovelies ~ It's again that time of the month. Not that time but time to post the empties wohoo ~ You can find my previous empties behind this tag as usual :) If I have featured a certain product in my empties before I will just link to the post so I don't have to repeat myself. Let's start ! 

LUMENE Matt Touch Deep Cleansing Gel Wash (150 ml)

I featured this on my February empties so read from there :)

BANILA CO. clean it zero #Purity (sample)

I ordered this from YesStyle and posted about the haul here. This one is a Purity version and has somewhat fresh scent to it. It's pretty strong scent. The funny thing about the product is that it's oil but in a balm form. It looks like a balm in the jar but when you wash your face with this it turns into oil. But it doesn't slide down my arms ! This was a pretty decent cleanser and I would like to try it again. Maybe I will purchase the full sized product someday. Rate: 3½/5

MISSHA Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Skin Treatment & Essential Moisturizer (sample)

This mini duo came as a free sample on my order from Missha Baltics. They both have a pleasant yet strong scent. However it fades away after applying. I used the treatment after toner and then the moisturizer. I found these really nice to use overnight and I think they helped to brighten my skin a bit. I would really love to try them again. Rate: 4/5

MAKE IT & CO. Face & Body Wash Oil (50 ml)

This one came in my Tokyo Luxey Gift Box last year. This one smells like lavender. It helps to relax but on the other hand it's a strong scent too. When this touches with water it turns into a white cleansing milk. I really liked using this one :) This can be used for body and face both but I only used it on my face. Rate: 4/5

ETUDE HOUSE Real Art Cleansing Oil (25 ml)

I have featured this on my January Empties :)

TOSOWOONG Tea Tree Natural Pure Lotion AC-Control Treatment (100 ml)

This lotion came from my Tea Tree Memebox. As I mentioned on that post I used this mostly on the evenings as it makes my face a bit shiny. I felt that it cooled down my face but I don't think it moisturized that well. I wouldn't repurchase this one. I really like the pump type applicator ! Rate: 3/5

CARMEX Classic Moisturizing Lip Balm (7,5 g)

This lip balm came from LivBox February 2014. I used this pretty much every night and whenever I felt like my lips needed some extra moisture. I found this really good but I absolutely hate the packaging. It's so unhygienic (a reason why I used this only before going to sleep after showering...). I have used around 1/3 of the product but I'm throwing it away as it has gotten old. The scent has changed a bit and it started to give me a breakout around my lip area. I would repurchase the tube version maybe. Rate: 4/5

GARNIER Mineral UltraDry Anti-Perspirant (50 ml)

I have featured this on my February empties :) 

DOVE Oxygen Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner (50 ml)

This duo came from LivBox March this year. I liked these as they helped to moisturize my hair. They gave a bit volume to my hair but definitely not 95% as it promised. The scent is really nice, fresh scent that I love when washing my hair. I thought these were okay but my mom used these also and really fell in love. Maybe this suits her short hair better? I wouldn't buy these again. Rate: 4-/5

SCHWARZKOPF Professional osis+ Glamination Strong Glossy Holdspray (100 ml)

This hairspray came from LivBox October 2014. I really liked this ~ I would love to try this again but I don't like buying hairsprays because I finish them so slowly LOL ! Rate: 5-/5

ROYAL BOUQUET Rose & Honeysuckle Luxury Hydrating Shower Creme (500 ml)

The name monster ! I bought this one in January so it lasted a nice 4 months in my use. Though my mom and sis also used this. This smells SOOO GOOD ! It smells like real, natural roses. The packaging is so pretty too ~ When this started to near the end I added a tiny bit of water inside and mixed it so I could use it all LOL ! I would repurchase this again ! Love it a lot ~ Rate: 5/5

KCPROFESSIONAL Strengthening Conditioning Spray (250 ml)

I bought this one in June last year and it lasted until now even though me and my sis used it pretty much daily. It did what it promises and gives volume to hair if you use a blow dryer after spraying this on the hair. I really liked this and I would repurchase it again :) I have nothing negative to say about this. Rate: 5/5

HERBINA Oat-Chocolate Body Scrub (150 ml)

My mom got this as a Christmas present but I used it quite a lot so I thought I'd feature this one as well. It smells like oat-chocolate and if you ask me, the smell is oh-so-horrible ! But then on the other hand there is my sister who thinks this smells so good that she wants to eat it. I guess this is one of those products that shares opinions. That's it for the scent. As a body scrub this works really well ! Would recommend it but I wouldn't buy it because I don't like the scent. Rate: 4-/5

BIOZELL Professional Color Mask #Chocolate (150 ml)

I bought this one in September last year and used it whenever I felt like my hair needed some color and extra care between dying my hair. I really like this and I already repurchased it last month :D It lasted for many many uses on my hair ! Rate: 5/5


That's it for my April Empties. I got 16 products this time ! How many products do YOU finish in a month? Comment below and tell me ^^ Until the next time, bye ~

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