April 25, 2015

[REVIEW] Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream (Bright Fit #W13)

Hello ~ Today I'm reviewing Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit #W13 Natural Beige for you :) I got it in a Etude House giveaway I won last year. I have already reviewed the Cotton Fit version before (click here). Let's get started with the review shall we ~ 


As you can see from the photo there are 4 shades available. For some reason I can't find much information online about this version. So I had to google search some photos to give you a proper description of the product.

There are 4 versions of the BB Cream if I'm not missing out any. A reader commented on my Etude House post that the differences between the 4 versions are following:
  • Bright Fit - The original (normal) version of the BB cream; I would call it a basic version
  • Cotton Fit - This BB cream has not a dewy/natural finish like the others but a matte finish
  • Blooming Fit - A light weight version of the bright fit BB cream with a more pearly finish
  • Perfect Fit - Better brightening effect, more cover, more skin care ingredients (coconut oil and Vitamin E)

I have few samples of Blooming Fit so I will be reviewing that one as well. Someday... :) 


Then moving on to the packaging ~ It's girly, pink, typical from Etude House but I love it ^^ It has all the information in English and in Korean as well. All the ingredients are listed for those who needs to read them carefully.

The BB Cream comes in a tube that has a pump type applicator. Really hygienic and good so you can control the amount of the product. I usually use one pump if I apply this with my hands and 2 pumps if I use a beautyblender to apply.


I think you can find this from ebay and amazon but I'm not sure. I couldn't find it from Cosmetic Love or Etude House webstore. I found 2 shades from YesStyle but the prices between the shades are really different ! I wonder why is that... Anyhow on YesStyle you can find Light Beige with 15,89 € and Natural Beige with 23,41 €. A ridiculous price difference !


The scent is nice and flowery at first but when applying it kinda changes into a not so nice and reminds me of baby food somehow... The scent is not strong and disappears after applying. And it won't linger on the face !

The texture is somewhat difficult to blend. I find that it dries a bit too fast. That is when using fingers to blend. When I use a damp beautyblender it blends like a dream. If you apply too much you end up looking a bit cakey...


As this shade is Natural Beige I think it looks really natural. But at the same time I think it is a tiny bit too orange for me to be used alone. Which is why I usually mix it with my Etude House CC Cream to get the result I want. Another reason is that I find it easier to blend when mixed together with the CC Cream ~

From the cover test below you can see that it doesn't cover dark spots (black) that well. It covers blue and green nicely. The red is also covered pretty well.


Below are the results with one layer of the BB Cream on my face. It brightens a lot ! It covers my smallest imperfections but not the biggest ones. It definitely smooths my face and makes the skin tone more even. I think this works better during winter than in spring. 


Below are the results of oil test on paper and my face after 5 hours. It produces quite a lot oil. This one produces more oil in 5 hours than the Cotton Fit did in 7 hours. So based on that fact I would say this version is not for people who has extremely oily skin / those who live in hot & humid climate.


+ Brightens a lot and evens out the skin tone
+ Conceals the imperfections
+ Hygienic pump type
+ Natural "your skin but better" finish
+ Shades for different skin tones !

+/- Scent

- A bit difficult to blend (works well with CC Cream)
- Difficult to find any information online
- Difficult to find a place to purchase
- Contains talc

 RATING: 4-/5  Would I repurchase this product? I don't think so. I think I would go with the Cotton Fit version if I want to buy Precious Mineral BB Cream. But then again when I use this together with CC Cream I have no problems. So I don't know...

That's all for this time ~~ I hope you all have a great weekend :) Have you tried this BB Cream before? Or any other version of the Precious Mineral BB Creams? Comment below and tell me your opinions on those :)

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