April 04, 2015

March photos and some music ~

Hello again ~ How are you feeling today? Yesterday I finished watching a drama called Ho Gu's Love / A Fool's Romance and I really loved it. It took me only 3 days to watch the all 16 episodes. Talk about nolife LOL ! UEE from After School and Choi Woo Shik were the main leads ~ I really recommend it. I gave it 10/10 points on MDL. Do you watch Korean dramas? If so, what is your current favorite?

That's it for the drama catch up and now to the post itself. I have many posts waiting for me to write them and many products to take photos for reviews. But before getting to any of those I will finish these "monthly posts" first. Previous post was Monthly Haul, this time is monthly random photos and next up is Monthly empties.

Let's see how my March looked like. You might have seen the photos on my SNS sites already. You can find me from instagram by the username jjennahoo and on snapchat I can be found by HAVA-RAVA. And of course on twitter by the username HAVA_RAVA

Typical week of mine: Coffee on the way to school, hot chocolate during Japanese lessons and just spending time with cat laying on my tummy. And the only selca I took in March :D 

Some nature photos ~ I managed to take a pic of the rabbit/hare who visits the forest next to our house. I zoomed a lot XD Taken on different days ~ It was really warm (read: 10 Celsius degrees) few weeks ago and then it snowed again :( Now the weather is all gloomy and depressing. I hope the spring comes soon !

And then my nails from March ~ I had time to do my nails 5 times in March ! I had the blue ones in the beginning of March when I went to see Block B (read post here). The black and white ones below I removed yesterday. 

That's it for March. I'll leave you with couple new songs that I've been loving recently ^^ I also plan to write few more posts ready to publish when it's their time. Do you write posts beforehand or just before publishing? I do both ~ Usually the latter XD

MFBTY - Bang Diggy Bang Bang

Pure gold. My Fans Better Than Yours aka MFBTY made a comeback with a bang ! At first I was like wtf but then it started ~ Yoon Mirae's rap is love. Same with Bizzy and Tiger JK too. I absolutely love the chorus. It's so catchy :D You can also see a glimpse of Rap Monster from BTS. I totally recommend to check out their other song as well. That one is called Bucku Bucku.

IRON ft. Babylon - Blu
IRON finally made a debut ! I fell in love with his voice and style when I watched Show Me The Money 3 last year. Since then I've been waiting for the debut and he also featured Jonghyun's solo debut so check out that one as well. There's something in his voice that makes me just sfsdgdfg I don't even know :D I just love this ~ And Babylon's featuring is nice as well. He has a nice voice too.

And another rap song. I swear Korean hip hop is the best hip hop out there ! Korean is a language made for rapping. This was released just last night. This came just out of nowhere LOL ! I didn't know he was going to release it. Anyways this is like... I have no words. The song, the MV and the lyrics. A pure masterpiece. I checked up the lyrics and wow, it's some deep stuff. I seem to have a thing for rappers with low voices... B.A.P Fighting ! 

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