April 13, 2015

LivBox April

Hello ~

Welcome to the unboxing of LivBox April :) I haven't tried any of the products yet so I can't write much about them. This time the box was plain. I can't always win can I? One thing I like is that despite the box is boring it doesn't have any "misses". I will (or someone in the family at least) use all the products at some point. The theme this time is "Silky smooth to the summer!" At least the products do fit the theme. Are you curious to see what the box had for me this time? Continue reading ~ If you haven't received your box yet read if you want to be spoiled.

LUMENE LAB Hydrasmooth Eye Cream 15ml

I'm waiting for my current eye cream to finish before testing this one. But I'm glad an eye cream came :) I don't need to buy a new one LOL ! This is suitable for all skin types and it is scentless. The suggested age of use for this one is from 20 to 40. So it's suitable for me too ! This is full sized and costs 18,90€.

RFSU Shaving Gel 20ml & RFSU After Shave 10ml +  a shaver

I was a bit disappointed to see these in the box. I will use them but I hope there won't be shaving stuff in the future. These will be good for traveling because they're so small. The full size of shaving gel is 200ml and costs 5,60€ while the after shave is 50ml and costs 5,90€.

DOVE Talc Soft Anti-Perspirant 50ml

I will try this one after my current finishes. Which is in... 3 months? I just bought a new one last month LOL ! To my nose this smells like some sort of... baby or grandma thingy. I guess it's the talc. I might give this to my mom if she needs it. I'm not a fan of Dove's anti-perspirants. I prefer Garnier. This is full sized and costs 2,50€.

ESSIE nail polish #Sugar Daddy 5ml

I was happy to see this one in the box ! I've never had a nail polish from essie because I consider it as an expensive brand. The color I got is Sugar Daddy. It looks like a nice shade of pink :) Without this and the eye cream I wouldn't have liked this box at all. The full sized is 13,5ml and costs 13,90€.

IBERO make up sponges + a case

This wasn't an actual product in the box. It was more like an extra gift. I have no use for these sponges as I have my beautyblender... My sister will use them gladly :D

SEACRET Dead Sea Bath Salts 100g

This was a thank you gift for the long time subscribers ~ :) I will gladly use this as a food bath salt when I have time. I wish I had a bathtub :( There also came a discount code to the webstore of SEACRET and it's valid until the end of the year. Yay for the long usage period ! I might use it later on this year if I find something interesting on their store ~ This one is full sized and costs 12,95€ in Finland. The price is what came with the pamphlet in the box. 

That's all this time ~ Lulu took over the box after I had emptied it :) I hope you all have a great week ahead. 

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