March 13, 2015

LivBox March

Hello ~

How was your week? It finally got warmer this week and it was a nice spring weather everyday this week. I hope the weather stays like this for a while ~ The sun gives me so much energy ! I wanted to post this post on Wednesday but school has been keeping me busy so it's coming now on Friday evening :D You can see from the title that this is the unboxing of LivBox this month :) I got the box on Tuesday ~ The theme this time is spring ^^

LUMENE Bright Now Vitamin C Shine Control Cream Gel 50ml

This one sounds really promising. It's ideal for normal and mixed skin as it's supposed to help control the shine, minimize pores and moisturize the skin effectively. It's oil-free, yay for that ! It promises to keep the skin matte, smooth and fresh for the whole day. It has the antioxidants from Finnish Arctic Cloudberry and C-Vitamin. I'm looking forward to try this when I finish some of my current moisturizers as my skin care products have taken over the bathroom :'D This is a full sized and it costs 19,90€. 

DOVE Oxygen & Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner 50ml

The shampoo promises to moisturize, revitalize and give 95% more volume to fine, flat hair. The conditioner promises to moisturize but not flatten, give natural volume and smooth the hair silky. Sounds like perfect to me. So far I have tried these only once and I noticed that my hair sure is more moisturized and silky but I don't think it gives that much volume... Maybe I need to try this more to get more thoughts. The scent is fresh, just the type of scent I like to wash my hair. The full sized ones are 250ml and costs 3,85€.

NAILFIX Yummy Gummy Cuticle Oil 15ml

At first I gotta say this: THE SCENT IS SOOO GOOD ! The whole box smelled like candy when I opened the box. The scent was from this one. There are seven different scent options of this one. Mine is Yummy Gummy and it sure smells yummy :) This promises to keep cuticles healthy and moisturized. This should be used daily, at least once a day. I mostly use cuticle oil before I go to sleep and after I remove nail polish. This is a glass bottle and has a hygienic... drop-applicator...? The way to use this is to drop 1-2 drops at the root of nail and massage it into the cuticles and nail tips. I've tried this twice now so I can't say much yet. This one is full sized and costs 3,80€.

BANGERHEAD PROFESSIONAL Fresh Me Up! Refreshing Dry Shampoo 200ml

A dry shampoo from Bangerhead. A brand I have never tried before. This promises to refresh and volumize the hair. It's supposed to suck the extra oil from the scalp and leave a matte finish. It has goji berry and this is suitable for all hair types. I have tried this once and I don't have much to say yet... I always find dry shampoos to flatten my hair and grease my scalp more instead of giving the refreshing effect. What am I doing wrong? This one is full sized and costs 13,90€.

RIMMEL Provocalips #Skinny Dipping 4ml + 3ml

This is no doubt the most interesting product in this box ! It's a 2-step lipstick which combines the vibrant color of a lipstick and the shine and moisturizing of a lip gloss. This promises to stay on lips for as long as 16 hours ! The light texture of the lipstick feels pleasant on lips and it doesn't dry the lips. Lips feel smooth, flexible and moisturized. First you apply the color and let it dry. Then you apply the clear gloss which will lock in the color as well as moisturize the lips. 

I had so much struggles to figure out how this one works properly ! I always apply lip balm before using any lipsticks or tints or anything. I just normally applied lip balm continued with this and after few minutes of applying the product started to crumble away from my lips ! I thought my lips are too dry so I removed it, applied more lip balm and tried again few moments ago. The same happened again ! I gave up and commented somewhere that I think mine is a faulty one or then my lips just doesn't accept the product LOL !

Today I read couple reviews of this and found out that this is supposed to apply on DRY lips. If there is any lip balm or saliva or water or anything on the lips, it will crumble away. So now I tried again and it sure works ! I've drank a cup of tea, applied lip balm on my lips multiple times, eaten, licked my lips and even rubbed my lips with my wrist. The lipstick stays put ! I really want to get more shades now ~ I kinda reviewed this now LOL... :D Would you like to get some swatches or a review? If so, comment below and let me know :)

Above are also some perfume samples that were inside the box as a gift. I gave the men one to my sister and she forwarded it already. I tested the Love Story EdP by Chloé and I think I will be using it on this spring. It smelled pretty nice to my nose :) In the box there also was a discount code to Bangerhead webstore ^^

That's it for this post ~ LivBox is raising the price of the box from 15,90€ to 16,90€. It will be the price for all new customers who places an order on 23rd or later. But as I have already a continuous order it won't concern me :) I hope you all have a great weekend ~ I'm going to sleep and watch drama as much as I can !


  1. Wow, I think that this box is amazing! And the price is actually good. We don't get that much in our Bulgarian boxes.

    Kisses, Kali

    1. The box this time was pretty good :) This is the only beauty box we can get in Finland. I wish there were more boxes here :/


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