March 20, 2015

Haul from Missha Baltics

Hello lovelies ~

Today I have great news for those who lives in Europe, Baltic countries, Scandinavia or in Finland like me :D Last month I read from this Finnish cosmetic blog that a Korean brand called Missha has a webstore which is located in Estonia. How great is that ! I've never tried any Missha products except the samples I've gotten with my orders. I've always wanted to try their products but for some reason I have never gotten the courage to buy them. Until now. You can check out the webstore here: Missha Baltics.

I ordered few products that I needed and one product that seemed so interesting that I just had to order it. I'll be linking to the product sites so you can read more about the products there. My order all in all was 35,90€ including the shipping which was 11€. The shipping option I chose was a SMARTPost which is a really good choice ^^ The packet arrived for me to pick it up in 1-2 days after placing the order.

I wanted to get a new Konjac sponge because my previous one had gotten so old that I had to throw it away. These were so cheap that I got 1 of each type. The black charcoal version has 90% of botanical natural konjac and 10% of bamboo charcoal and it's supposed to help absorb sebum and waste from skin to make a sleek and glowing skin.

I've been using this one quite a lot now and I've noticed that my blackheads have gotten smaller and clearer. My skin in general has gotten brighter but I can't say if it's just because of this one. On the down side I've gotten a breakout because I think I might have used this too often... So if you have a sensitive skin you might want to use this every now and then and not everyday like I tried... But then again, I can't tell if my breakout is caused by this one or because of my habits in general. I'd say it's the later one.

This one has 90% of botanical natural konjac and 10% of white clay. This is supposed to help cleanse sensitive skin without irritation and to make skin soft and moist. I haven't opened this one yet so I can't say how it works.

I wanted to try this one because I didn't have any specific makeup removers anymore left. This doesn't have alcohol in it so it's really mild and doesn't irritate my eyes. This is a dual type so you need to shake it well before using it. So far I haven't found any makeup removers (except cleansing oil) that would remove my waterproof mascara from 3CE. This one removes it ! Then again it might be because this has oil in it :D But I'm really glad with this one. It smells nice too ~

This was THE product that I ordered because it seemed interesting. I read a review of it from the same blog I shared at the beginning and wanted to try it out. It's a moisturizing mask that you spray on your face after toner. No need to rinse it or peel it. Just spray 8-10 times 10-15cm away from your face eyes closed and wait for it to absorb. It is fully absorbed in 3-5 minutes and you can put moisturizer and make up. Because this is a jelly type it's not good to use on top of makeup as a refreshing mist. It won't work like that. So use it just the way it should be used.

I've been using this few times now and I like the way it makes my skin feel like :) If you use it too often you might get a breakout. I'm not sure if my breakout was caused by this one or the konjac sponge or just my lifestyle in general. There is also a Honey version of the product.


Below are all the samples I got with my order ~ 4 BB Cream samples, 1 cleanser, 1 shampoo, 2 sun block milks and 1 moisturizer. Also the little bottles below ~ 

That's it for this haul post. Have you ever ordered from the store? If you haven't now is a good chance :D I recommend ordering their newsletter and be alerted on all the sales if they're having one ~ What other Missha products would you recommend me to try? Comment below and let me know ^^ 


  1. Never tried that brand, but it sounds great. Love this haul! :)

    Kisses, Kali

    1. I highly recommend you to try it out ^^


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