March 06, 2015

February Empties

Hello ~ Time for February empties :) I got pretty nice amount of empty products this time as well. If you haven't checked out my January empties you can check them here. In order to keep this post from becoming too long I'll just write few sentences of the products :) This time I didn't throw the products before writing the post so now I have the amount of each product in the post ~ Let's see how many empties I got this time ^^ 

BIOSILK silk therapy (150 ml)

I have been using this together with my sister for... 3 years or so and finally it finished ! The suggestion says that this shouldn't be used after 12 months of opening but I didn't think there was any problems so I just used this. My hair gets really dry and frizzy during the winter so I've been using this to the ends after showering and it really helped to calm the frizzyness down :D I don't think I would repurchase this because it tends to make my hair greasy faster :( Rate: 3½/5


I thought this one came in some LivBox but I just look through all of my unboxings and didn't find it from any... So I guess I've gotten this as a freebie from Sokos Emotion or something. Anyhow I really like the scent and I think I would buy this if I can find it somewhere :D I usually don't like rose scent on myself but this one isn't too strong or artificial. Rate: 4/5

PURE SMILE Jewelry Scrub Amethyst (100 ml)

This one came from Memebox Scrub themed box. Like I said on that post as well, this is just meh. Not good, not bad. Just a scrub. I had to use A LOT of the product every time because it melts away pretty quickly. Not going to repurchase this one for sure. Rate: 2/5

THE BODY SHOP Honeymania Body Butter (50 ml)

This one came from LivBox in August last year. I didn't start using this until winter came because this is a bit thick and takes time to absorb. It smells like real honey and the scent is really nice but it transfers to my clothes and lingers around the house many hours after. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. I wouldn't repurchase this one because I have too may body creams to finish. Rate: 3½/5

GARNIER Mineral UltraDry (50 ml)

Repurchase for the millionth time. This is my HG when it comes to anti-perspirants. This one smells nice, doesn't have alcohol and keeps my armpits dry ~ Definitely recommend this to everyone ^^ Will keep repurchasing this all the time ! Rate: 5/5

DEPEND Nail Polish (5 ml)

I don't know what shade this is as the number has erased away XD This isn't fully empty but it's gotten too thick for me to use it. I don't know when or where I bought this... And I don't even remember when was the last time I used this one... Rate: 3/5

MIRAME Nail Polish Remover (125 ml)

When it comes to nail polish removers I just buy a cheapest one and hope it's good LOL ! This one did its job pretty well. This one has oil in it so you have to wash hands really well if you're planning to put new nail polish afterwards. I got this from my mom's friend sometime in last year but I don't think I have introduced it here on my blog. I would repurchase this one. Rating: 4/5 

INNISFREE Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (100 ml)

I got this from Wan Wei last summer and I've been loving this one a lot ! I have reviewed it here so you can read more from that post. I have already repurchased this one even tho on that review I said I wouldn't repurchase this. Funny how the mind changes during the time :D On that post I rated this 3½/5 but now the rating has changed too. I've been using this weekly and I think my skin has gotten a lot better ! Rating: 4½/5

PUREDERM Tea Tree Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes (30 towelettes)

These came from my Tea Tree themed Memebox. These definitely made my skin better and makeup removing process faster but they didn't remove waterproof mascara at all. I wouldn't repurchase these. These aren't bad but they're nothing special either. Rating: 3/5

CALMIA Herb Cleansing Oil Gel (100 ml)

This one came from the Herbal Cosmetic Memebox I won in a giveaway last year. This was pretty good cleanser. I used this one during shower before cleansing my face with a Konjac sponge or a foaming cleanser. This one is an oil cleanser so it removes the makeup really well. I didn't use this every time I showered. It has a pump bottle and I used 8-10 pumps every time I used this one. I don't know how much you're supposed to use this XD On my use this lasted about 5 months. I think I would like to try this one again but I wouldn't buy it just for the purpose of buying it. Rating: 4-/5

PUREDERM Tea Tree Pore Freshner (170 ml)

This one also came in the Tea Tree themed Memebox. This one is the first pump type toner I've ever had. The pump makes it easier to use this but when it was nearing the end I had to twist the cap and pour it out from the bottle. I think this made my skin better at points but I don't think this was anything special. Just a normal toner :D Minus from the pretty strong tea tree scent. I wouldn't repurchase this one. Rating: 3+/5

MISSHA Time Revolution Wrinkle Cure Soft Toner & Silky Lotion (mini samples)

These came in my huge sample haul from eopenmarket last year. I still have a lot of the samples left :D I hate this kind of samples because the lotion was really difficult to get out of the bottle. I had to scoop it out with a spatula XD The toner was easy to get out. I think I used these samples around 5-10 times? My mom used them few times too. I noticed that my skin got firmer during the night I used these ~ I think I am going to try these when I'm older and I need to start using wrinkle products :'D Rating: 3/5


This one came in LivBox August last year as well. This isn't really an empty but I thought it's about time to throw this one away. I've been using this since November and I noticed this doesn't work that well anymore. I would repurchase this one again ~ Rating: 4½/5

ETUDE HOUSE Real Art Cleansing Oil (25 ml)

I featured this one in my January empties as well so read from there :)

LUMENE Matt Touch Deep Cleansing Gel Wash (150 ml)

This one is my current HG cleanser. I use it everyday and I think this one was the 4th or 5th finished one? I don't remember when I purchased this one but I'm already halfway through another one of this XD Will keep on repurchasing until I find an better alternative for this one. Rating: 5/5


That's all the empties this time. On January I had 14 empties and this time I got 16 empties. How many empties I'll have for March? I can say that I already have one :D I'm going to eat something and watch something ^^ Have a nice weekend everyone ~ ♥


  1. Varmaa sait tommoset body shopin puutelin tyhjäks.. xD mulla ne ei vaa lopu ikinä .__.

    1. Salaisuus: Mun siskoki käytti sitä !

      Toi ei ollu täyskokonen versio XD Siit riitti mun käytössä 5 kertaan? Ja mun sisko käytti sitä pari kertaa. Ja ku rasvaa jalat ja kädet ja kaikki mihin ylettää ni hyvin toi kuluu :D

  2. Great post!
    Will definitely look into INNISFREE Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask sounds very good from what you have described.

    1. It is pretty good :) Only minus is that it doesn't have a spatula and the tub is difficult to use. I would prefer a squeezable tube :D

  3. So many products that I have never seen before and so many that I haven't tried! I have only tried the Honeymania body butter and I liked it. It really is thick but I use a small quantity and feel that hydrates my body and absorbs well on me. I will try the Garnier anti-perspirant after reading your post.

    1. Many of the products are from Korean brands ^^ And some are from Finnish brands as well :) I hope you will like the Garnier as well ^^


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