March 03, 2015

BLOCK B @ The Circus, Helsinki 1.3.2015

Helloo ~~ Last Sunday was the best Sunday so far ! I went to see Block B to The Circus and OH MY GOD THEY WERE SO GOOD ! They are one of my favorite Korean groups so this post contains serious fangirling :D

About a month ago mymusictaste announced that they are bringing Block B to Finland and one week later the ticket sale started. I started to panic because I wasn't sure if I have enough money for the ticket but luckily my student benefit money arrived just in time and I was able to buy the ticket. I wanted to buy a Meet and Greet ticket but I decided to buy just a General ticket to save money for the rest of the February LOL ! This is why my upcoming February Haul is really small... It can't be counted as a haul actually...

ANYHOW ! I woke up at 7.50AM, took a shower, put a sheet mask on my face, ate breakfast and quickly put some CC and BB Cream on my face :D I left the house around 9.40AM which was 30 minutes earlier than I had planned to go, yay !

I went to the concert with Julia. We arrived to The Circus around 10.30AM and we got queue numbers 291 and 292. My plan was to get in first 300 so I made it :D We also met Saara and Marianne there. I also quickly changed few words with Oona as well ~  At this point I'll have to say HUGE THANK YOU to the team who volunteered to organize the queue numbers. Thanks to you amazing people we didn't have to freeze outside ;W; And thank you to mymusictaste for making it possible for us to get these great derps to Finland and make it also possible to film them ;W;

1. Selca from the queue
(lol I just noticed this looks exactly like the selca I took during NU'EST queue)
2. Lunch break at Hanko Sushi before check up ~ I had yakitori ^^
3. During the check up in the queue. There were a lot of people !
The queue formed an U and I was in the middle of the queue at this point.
4. INSIDE and waiting for Block B ! Below is a quick clip I took when we were still waiting.
JUST LOOK AT THAT AMOUNT OF PEOPLE ! And that energy ! I can't describe it by words.

The energy inside was so nice that I wanted to film the entrance of Block B ~ It's below and I apologize for the bad sound quality. I was near the speaker/bass or something and it ruined the sound. I highly recommend you to lower the volume ! The opening was really epic ! They started with VERY GOOD and sure it was very good (pun intended). After that they introduced themselves and talked about stuff, did random dances, answered to the questions fans had sent beforehand and so on. 

I took quite a lot photos but I think these two below are the best ones ~ I had troubles capturing all of the members because Zico was hiding his head from me behind that black thingy LOL !

(Members from left to right: Park Kyung, Zico, Taeil, Jaehyo, P.O, U-Kwon and B-Bomb)

In this photo you can see what Block B is made of XD
OMG what is Jaehyo doing?

I took the photo during they sang Tell Them and after that I filmed the clip below ~
This clip has slightly better sound ! Lower the volume for this one also :)

They sang around 10 songs and I remember them singing VERY GOOD, H.E.RTell Them, Be The Light, NalinA, Mentalbreaker (yaaay) and some other songs I can't remember. The concert ended with VERY GOOD (Rough Version). They also invited 7 lucky fans on stage, sang to them and gave each a rose ;W; The pictures below are from Block B's official twitter.

We had a banners for this concert as well ;W; They look so pretty !
And haha Jaehyo is holding the Finland flag upside down :'D

A better picture of the banner ^^ I also got a free poster because I gave a taste during the making process on mymusictaste ~ I'm going to end this now because I have to prepare to leave for my Japanese lesson ~ As usual I'll end with my favorite song by Block B ~ My fav song by them is Be The Light and also Nillili Mambo which I'm a bit sad they didn't perform :( So I'm sharing that one here :)

That's all for now ~ Were you at the concert ? Tell me what you thought ! I love reading others fangirling ;W; They left Finland today around 8.30AM and are now in Poland ~ I hope their Poland concert will be a success as well :) Once again, A BIG THANK YOU to mymusictaste, 7 Seasons and Block B themselves for making this possible ;W; Come back soon okay? :D


  1. Taisit istuu ihan meiä vieressä siellä ylhäällä? Ainaki tosta kameran kuvakulmasta kattoen :D

    1. Joo olin siellä parvella :D Mutta en ollu istumassa :) Mun vieressä istu se tyttö ja siskonsa, jolla oli syöpä. Samainen sisko myös pääsi sinne eteen lavalle :D

  2. Haha! No wonder you want to work at the airport! :)

    IKIGUIDE: Your Entrepreneurship Workbook!

  3. Päädyin tänään taas lukemaan mun vanhempia raapusteluja Block Partystä ja katsoin sit siihen syssyyn videoita kys. keikasta. Olin siis itsekin mukana (Olin tuolla 'alhaalla' n. 5 rivissä) ja muistan ihan kunnolla vaan sen loistavan fiiliksen, mikä oli sen päivän aikana ja etenkin keikan (ja sen jälkeisen nimmari ja kuvatilanteen) aikana. ; ; Etenkin toi, missä kaikki laulaa jackpot:ia saa kunnon vilunväristykset. Ihana yleisö! ♥

    Tuli videota katsoessa mieleen, että voisinkohan pistää sen myös mun omassa postauksessa? :D Tietysti ilmottaisin, että on sun kuvaama videon. ^^ (Ja linkki blogiin tulis kans.)

    1. Pahoittelut myöhäsestä vastauksesta. Tuli kommenttia lukiessa ikävä keikalle ;W;
      Saa jakaa, kunhan mainitset lähteen :)


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