February 17, 2015

Yesstyle haul (and some ranting)

Hello ~ 

Today I came to quickly show what I ordered from Yesstyle back in December. I received my order in January but I wasn't sure if I should post about it in my January Haul or as a separate post. I decided to write a separate post because there are some things I have to say about this order...

I ordered only 2 items but I have a lot to say about this post ! I placed the order on December, around Christmas as a present for myself ^^ I had to wait until January 7th or so for the items to be on stock. The order was shipped on 9th January or so. I received it in 1½-2 weeks after it was shipped. I once even contacted Yesstyle about my order because I wanted it to arrive quickly. After I contacted them, they replied that my order has been shipped. Thank you for the fast reply :)

First product that I ordered is an item from my wishlist. I've been wanting this one since 2010 or so and I finally got it ! Some of my long time readers might have guessed so far but I'll say it for those who are new; The first product I ordered is a perfume. I finally am a lucky owner of Vera Wang's Princess !

I'm really in love with this perfume ! I can only access this perfume online or at a cruise because they don't sell it here in Finland T^T I tested this in 2010 and wanted to buy it immediately but the price of more than 90€ stopped me. I was so lucky to see that yesstyle had these so I ordered it as a Christmas present for myself. On their site the 50ml EdT costs 55,42€ so I saved some money. And I made one of my materialistic dreams come true !

It's such a beautiful bottle and I really love the scent too ;W; 

I think I'm going to make a necklace of the cap after I finish the perfume ~ 

The second product I ordered was just to fill in and because I needed over certain amount to use their Christmas discount voucher LOL ! So I chose this banila co. clean it zero special kit to try it out as it's a travel sized version. I think this was like 10-15 € or so? 

I was really excited when I was opening the packet and what? It's half empty?! There's stuff missing ! I contacted yesstyle about this and asked what's going on and I said I hope they'll send the missing product immediately or something. They answered that because this product is out of stock and they can't replace it they will give me the amount of the product as Yesstyle credit.

So now I can get a discount the next time I order but I still hope they would have paid the money to my paypal instead... But then that would have required me to send the product back and it would have been a hassle so I'm glad like this as well. But still, slightly annoyed as I would want to try out the 2 other types as well... But I'm really thankful that they answered and gave the credit at least :) 

So I'm left with these 2 guys... They're cute and suitable for my skin.
I'm not even sure if the other 2 types would suit my skin... 


That's all for now. Have you ever been disappointed when ordering products online? How did the store deal with your rants? Did they gave you money back or replace the product? Or just ignored you? I'm really curious to hear how online stores usually handles this kind of things. 


  1. I also ever had bad experience when buying something by online shop, I ordered some products but fortunately one of my order was out of stock, so I want refund my money. but until now she just ignored me, the shipping also took long time so I sent message to make sure thts my order was already sent or not. it took 2-3 days for responing my complain. arww that made me mad and I swear i wont repurchased from her again.


    1. I'm sorry to hear that :/ Sometimes online stores can be annoying :(

  2. Lovee the bottle of the vera wang princess perfume, so fitting ♥.

    That's really disappointing they couldnt refund your money or the two products. Its quite odd that they only have half the product

    xx Courtney

    Daiisoo.blogspot. com

    1. The bottle is one of the reasons why I love it so much ^^

      I think the problem isn't with yesstyle but with the manufacturer of the product. It wasn't opened before I opened it so there's no way it would've got lost during the shipping.

  3. Mä tilasin YesStylestä marraskuun lopulla paketin ja vielä tammikuussakaan sitä ei ollut mulle tullut. Otin yhteyttä ja he lupasivat laittaa mulle uudestaan tavarat , mutta koska yksi tuote ei enää ollut valikoimissa mäkin sain tuota credittiä. Paketti oli tosiaan lähetetty, mutta se ei saapunut koskaan perille. Viikko tästä meinasin lähettää jo heille viestiä, että en ole vieläkään saanut heiltä sitä toiseen kertaan lähetettyä pakettia, mutta huomasinkin sähköpostissa viestin heiltä jossa he pyysivät mua vielä varmistamaan, etten varmasti ole saanut ensimmäistä pakettia. Ei tässä mitään mutta siinä oli joku 6pv aikaa vastata tai muuten he ei olleet enää velvollisia lähtettämään uutta pakettia....no onneksi huomasin sen ajoissa. Sain nyt vasta viikko sitten sen heidän tokan paketin, mutta ensimmäistä ei siis koskaan kuulunut. Murr.

    1. Vautsi. Niillä tosiaan on toimituksissa vähän ongelmia... Mun eka tilaus niiltä oli joskus 2010 ja siinä ei ollut mitään ongelmia. Lieneekö syynä se, että tilasin vaatteita? Mutta silloin se paketti tuotiin ihan kotiovelle asti. Nyt piti itse hakea postista...

      Onneksi huomasit ajoissa ja sait paketin :)


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