February 14, 2015

LivBox February

Hello and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone :)

Today I came to show you what I got from LivBox this month :) The box arrived to my mailbox on Tuesday. From now on I will only have LivBox unboxings because Memebox stopped international shipping :( I hope they brings it back someday ! But let's see what I got this time :) The theme obviously was Valentine's Day :)

EUCERIN In-Shower Body Lotion 50ml

This is a decent sized sample of the product. The full sized is 400ml and costs 13,50€. I've tried this once and I liked it. It moisturizes my skin well and I like that I don't have to wait for this to absorb :) I think I can use the sample for another 2-3 times before it finishes. This is the first time I'm trying an in-shower moisturizer.

NIVEA Daily Essentials Sensitive 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water

This is the first micellar water I'm trying. This is full sized product with 200ml of the product and it retails at 5,95€. This removes my makeup pretty well but it doesn't remove waterproof makeup that well. I like that this doesn't give a burning effect on my skin. I usually try to avoid Nivea products because they doesn't work for me that well but I'm going to use this one.

The info says that it's not necessary to rinse the face with water afterwards but I always use a foaming cleanser after removing my makeup with oil. So now I'm using this to remove most of my makeup before using oil cleanser and foaming cleanser after that. And then I continue with toner, moisturizer and so on.

GARNIER Fructis Densify Lengths Plumper Leave-in Serum

I was a bit disappointed to see another thickening serum. I got another one in my January LivBox... I don't think I will use this one that often but I'm still curious to see if it makes my hair look thicker ! This one is a full sized product as well. It's sold for 7,90€ and it has 50ml.

LUMENE Nude Perfection Fluid Foundation

When I saw this at first I was scared to test it. It looks pretty dark to my face even though it's the lightest or second lightest shade. I tested this on Tuesday and I was pleasantly surprised ! It's not too dark or orange for me ! And it gives a matte finish. It has a sheer coverage so it's buildable. I think this shade will be good for me during the summer. Or then I can just mix it with my CC Cream to get a lighter shade :) This one also is a full sized one. This comes in a 30ml pump bottle made of glass. So it's not very travel friendly I think. It costs 19,90€. Would you like to see a review about this one? 

PAESE Kashmir Mono Eyeshadow

A white, matte eyeshadow. I don't use eyeshadows so I gave this to my sister who was happy to get this one :) So I have nothing specific to say about this one. This one is 4g and costs 4,95€.


And as a Valentine's Day gift there was this necklace. I gave it to my sister as well because I don't like wearing necklaces :D That's all for now. I hope you all have a great weekend ^^ Bye ~

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