February 10, 2015

January photos ~

Hello ~

I came quickly to share some photos from January :) If you follow me on instagram (jjennahoo) you might have seen these already. I didn't take that much photos in January so here are the few ones I took.

1. Coffee time at home ~
2-3. The winter and snow arrived again. It's still snowy outside ~
4. Dogs wants my yogurt :( 

1. Studying Japanese
2. The only nails I had time to do in January 
3. My movie ticket when I went to watch Unbroken with Saara :)
4. Went to library one day. Came back home with a bunch of mangas

One of the few selfies I took in January. My hair looks so damaged :( 

That's all for now ~ I'll leave you with this song that came out just a while ago :) Amber from f(x) released her solo track called Beautiful. It truly is a beautiful song !

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