February 05, 2015

January Empties

Hello ~ 

I mentioned on my previous post that I would try doing empties posts so here I am now :) Starting with the products I finished during January. I will be writing my honest thoughts of every product in the post briefly so I guess you could take these as a short reviews as well ~ I personally enjoy reading empties posts from other bloggers and watching empties videos on youtube as well. I hope you find these posts interesting too ~

VASELINE Healthy hands + stronger nails hand cream

I think I bought this in 2013 or 2014. Not sure. This is my 2nd or 3rd one I finished. I like this hand cream a lot. It absorbs quickly, moisturizes well and makes my nails stronger as well. Only thing I don't like is the scent which is a bit "grandma like" to my nose. I need to repurchase this once I finish more of my current hand creams :) Rate: 4½/5

LUMENE Clear It Up! Deep Purifying Wash Face & Eyes

This one came from LivBox in September 2014. I really liked this one. This smells so nice ~ I usually double cleanse my face if I have make up and this removes all the remaining makeup I have after using an oil cleanser. When used alone it doesn't remove make up that well. Even though it promises to remove eye makeup as well... While I used this I noticed my skin had less spots and impurities so that part worked at least. When used together with a Konjac sponge this works really well ! I would repurchase this one :) Rate: 4/5

SECRET KISS Oil Free Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

This one came from my very first Memebox I ordered last year. I think this was gentle on my eyes and removed lip make up well. Waterproof mascara didn't get removed well with this. It has a nice scent. This lasted for about 5 months in my use. I used it pretty much daily. Rate: 3½/5

BATISTE XXL Volume Dry Shampoo

This one came from LivBox in August. I used this every now and then when my hair needed some freshening and volume. Only thing I liked about this was the scent. When I used this I felt that it actually made my hair more greasy so I always ended up putting a beanie on my head when using this... I'm not friend of dry shampoos that much anyways so... Rate: 2/5

ACO FACE Young Mattifying Day Cream

Another product from LivBox. This one came in October. I really liked this one. I used it every now and then but as I said on that post as well it started to "peel off" from my skin during the day :/ So a minus from that. I still don't know why it does that. I wouldn't repurchase this because I have so many other moisturizers I find to be better. Rate: 3/5

CALVIN KLEIN Reveal (sample)

This one also came from LivBox. This one came in December. At first I didn't like this one. When I first tried the scent it gave me a headache and I thought it smelled too strong. But after I tried it few times more I started to like this one quite a lot. I got compliments from people as well. I might add this to my wishlist :) Rate: 4/5

FAMILY FRESH Spring rain shower gel

I bought this shower gel in November or December but forgot to include it to my haul post... I didn't use this alone as my mom and sister also used this one. So for 3 people who showers pretty much daily this lasted for 2-3 months. I personally like the refreshing scent this one has but my mom doesn't like it. I would repurchase this again (in fact this was a repurchase as well). I don't think shower gels needs to be that special. They just need to cleanse well and have a nice scent and be cheap LOL ! Rate: 4/5

LUMENE Arctic Aqua Deep Moisture Eye Gel

My holy grail when it comes to eye skincare. I bought this one in September. That means it lasted for 5 months on my daily use. I use this twice a day all over the skin around my eye area as well as on my lips sometimes :) I also use this on my eyelashes and I've noticed my lashes are stronger and longer now ! Rate: 5/5

LUMENE Matt Touch Pore Tightening Toner

My favorite toner, from Lumene as well. Lumene is my favorite brand when it comes to non-Korean brands ~ I use pretty much one bottle 1-2 months. This one I bought in December. I will continue repurchasing this always until I find a better alternative ! Rate: 5/5 

LABELLO Classic Care Lip Balm

I won this from Catarina's giveaway in November :) I used this one in 2 months alongside with some other lip balms as well. I have so many lip balms I'm trying to finish XD I really liked this one but I wouldn't repurchase it because I think it doesn't beat my favorite from ACO. Rate: 4/5

ACO Lip Balm

My holy grail lip balm ! I have to make sure I have a new one purchased before the previous one ends. I use one in 1-2 months especially now during the winter when my lips get drier more often and faster. Absolutely love this one :) Rate: 5/5

ETUDE HOUSE Real Art Cleansing Oil (25ml)

I got 21 mini bottles of this cleansing oil as a freebie on my Etude House haul. They takes up a lot of space in my room but I like the fact that these are small bottles so they're easy to carry around :) I've been using this pretty much daily before cleansing my face with a foaming cleanser when I'm wearing make up. This makes my skin so soft and removes waterproof mascara really well ! I'm glad I have many bottles left ! This has a nice, lemon like scent to it. Rate: 4/5

NATURE REPUBLIC Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

This one is from my April 2014 haul so it was about a time to finish this one ! I ordered a new one in August but then I couldn't open it until now LOL ! I had gotten so many moisturizers from LivBoxes and Memeboxes that I wanted to use them first. I still have a lot moisturizers left... I need to finish them as well. This one was my 4th or 5th finished tub.

One tub has 300ml and one usually lasts 6 months in my use when I use it twice a day. I really like this. I burnt my finger during my internship in November and I applied this to my finger and it calmed down the tingling feeling. My friend got a sunburn last summer and tried this one and it calmed down the burn. This can be used for face, body, nails, hair and even after shaving too ! Totally a multipurpose product ! Rate: 5/5

HOLIKA HOLIKA Holiday Vita C Daily Mask (10 sheets)

I ordered these in August but I didn't start using these until October or November. At first I felt like these masks were too much for my skin if I use them for the recommended 20 minutes. I felt like got more pimples sometimes I used this. Then I tried out using only 10 minutes and that was enough for my skin. In that short amount of time my skin got a lot brighter ! So people with oily/combination skin, 10 minutes is enough :D There are 10 sheet masks in the packet. Once you open it you have 3 months time to use them all. I find these packets to be cheaper but not that good because I don't use sheet masks that  often... Rate: 4-/5


That's it for my January empties. How did you like this post? I think I will do these every month in this year depending on how much I finish during a month :D They might come monthly or every second month. We'll see :) Bye for now ~ I gotta watch some drama before going to sleep !


  1. I don't often finish products haha, you have so many in just one month! :o There's quite a few things here that I really like and use too, especially the nature republic gel that everyone loves hehe^^ Thanks for sharing your opinions on these products Jenna! x

    1. I just had so many 90% empty products at the end of December so I thought I should save the January empties and do a post :D I already have finished products for February as well.. :'DD

  2. I'm so curious about the nature republic gel! I've read how useful that tub is!! I think I'm gonna have to get one!

    1. It's totally amazing ! But there are fake ones on the market as well so be careful of those. I've never received a fake one and I hope I will be lucky in the future as well. But it sure is a great one !


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