January 18, 2015

Wishtrend Haul ~

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Hello ~

Today I came quickly to introduce my haul from Wishtrend :) I've been eyeing at this one for ages but now that it was 60% on sale I knew I had to order this product. By the way I have few packets I've ordered in December/January arriving soon/arrived past week. I hope I don't bore you with my hauls... I also have one Memebox unboxing coming and some reviews so look forward to them :)

Now let's see what I ordered from Wishtrend. This was my very first order to Wishtrend and I'm very excited to share my small haul with you all ^^ I placed the order in the beginning of January and it was shipped on 7th. It arrived to the local post office on 14th January. Pretty fast shipping I'd say :)

The pore solution kit from ElishaCoy includes the 3D Spin Cleaner machine body + Face Cleaner Brush, Blackhead Cleaner Brush and Vita Capsule Cleanser. Original price of the whole set is 120 USD but the solution kit is only 48 USD which is 60% off ! Pretty good deal I'd say :)

This was also chosen as the "Best Awards 2014 Winner" so I was really curious to test this out. I will make a proper review of this later, hopefully. I can already say that I saw drastic results on my face even just the first time I tried this. I have a sensitive but oily-combination skin so I don't dare to use this everyday but I think 1-3 times a week is good for that deep cleansing :) 

I also bought one sheet of the famous sheet mask by Klairs. I still haven't tried this but I'm very excited to see if it's worth the hype and price of 1,99 USD. The samples in the photo above are freebies. I will be making a review of that ElishaCoy CC Cream someday as well ^^ I have so many BB/CC creams I have to test but no time to take photos of them because of school D:


That's all for now ~ I will be posting another haul on Wednesday or so. Look forward to that ^^ It's a bit different from my usual hauls :) Have you tried any of the products? I would love to read your reviews on the machine :D Bye for now :) I'll leave you with this song ~


  1. Great post. xox


  2. Hello. Is this like clarisonic? I don`t think I`ve heard of this brand before.


    1. I haven't tried clarisonic so I can't say for sure but from what I've seen on vlogs and read from reviews they say that this is like it but more affordable version. ElishaCoy is a Korean brand sold at Wishtrend.com :)

  3. ...En oikein ymmärtänyt mikä tuo laite voisi olla kun postasit sen sillon instagramissa, mutta nyt kummasti selkeni! :D Vaikuttaa pelottavalta, ootan sitä reviewiä!

    Nuo sheet maskit kiinnostaa, mutta en tiedä uskaltaisinko itse kokeilla, kun on niin herkkä iho... Osaatko suositella mitään tiettyä? :)

    1. Haha :D Naaman pesuharja tai jotain sinnepäin :'D Arvostelua tulee, kunhan keksin, miten sen kuvaan....

      Sheet maskeja mun mielestä voi kaikkia kokeilla? :D En osaa sanoa, kun ite kokeilen vähän kaikkea lähinnä tehokosteuttajina/ihon kirkastajina silloin tällöin.


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