January 08, 2015

[REVIEW] 3CE I'm Good Mascara

Hi girls and why not guys also ~ Today I have another mascara review for you to check out ^^ Just FYI my school starts again on next Monday so from next week I might not be able to post that often D: I'll try to post at least once a week however ! Today I'm reviewing I'm Good Mascara by 3 Concept Eyes.

Complete doll-eyes makeup with a single stroke of mascara. Perfect dolly lash mascara for long and curled lashes. Controls smudging from oil and moisture.
Minimum C-Curl Brush
Smooth lashes all the way down from the roots with the Minimum C-curl Brush that sticks tight to the lashes for fuller doll-eyelashes. 
All-Proof Lash Makeup
Triple coated polymer that works against oil and moisture completes this all-proof mascara for perfect curled, long-lasting lashes. 
Real Black Long Lash
Lucid clear, well-defined eyes with black liquid naturally extending the eyelashes are still maintained even after re-application without any bundling effect.
Taken from Stylenanda


This mascara is the pink version. I'm not sure if there are black or dot editions of this mascara... It comes in a bright pink box. The mascara is sealed to secure that the product is unused when you get it. If the seal is broken or is not there, you obviously should not use it. I'm sorry for the bad photos of the mascara... I had problems taking photos of it... Anyhows, the mascara doesn't have much English in it. Just the product name and that's all. There's not much text either. It's a really nice looking package :)


I ordered the mascara from Winkie Winkie in December ~ If you live in Finland like me you can order it from their site with 24,30 €. You can also order this from Stylenanda with $23 USD. I think it can also be ordered from many other webstores as well :)

This is how the brush looks like. It's a small, slightly curved brush :)


Below is a step-by-step photo of how the mascara looks on my lashes. On the first step I didn't curl my lashes or anything, so those are my natural, pretty non-existent lashes... On the second step I curled lashes from both eyes and put mascara on one eye. It certainly gives that doll-like vibe to them and lengthens the lashes as well. It doesn't clump the lashes together as much as the Fairydrops mascara I reviewed a while ago.

Like the description said I can really say that this is an all-proof mascara. It's waterproof, smudge-proof as well as makeup remover proof. It's a bother to remove but it removes pretty well with oil remover. But I'd rather like a well-staying mascara and use more time to remove than having to worry about my mascara smudging and making me a panda... :'D


+ Really nice results, doesn't make unnatural lashes
+ It's an all-proof mascara. Doesn't smudge and doesn't make you panda :)
+ Easy to use
+ Can be bought from various stores online :)
+ Holds up the curls pretty well

- Difficult to remove

 RATING: 5-/5  Would I repurchase this product? I think I would. Now that I've started to use oil cleanser on a daily basis I don't mind that I have to work a bit more to remove this. I think this is really good one. I like it a bit better than the Fairydrops one. 

That's all for now. Comment below and let me know if you have tried this mascara before ~ I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one :) This is my second product from 3 Concept Eyes and the brand is growing on me. I can see why many beauty bloggers loves the brand a lot ^^ Until the next time ~ Bye bye ♥♥


  1. Wow! That looks amazing on you! Great review! I've got really short lashes so I'm always trying to find a good mascara, I'll definitely be trying this! x


    1. Thank you :) I'm glad I could help ^^

  2. Uuuuuuu tää taitaa olla mun seuraava ripsari!!:D pitää käydä tääki tilaamassaXD
    Btw oon niin kateellinen sun alaripsistä>< mä en kunnolla voi edes käyttää ripsaria mun alaripsiin koska se vaan tekee yhen kohdan missä mulla ei oo yhtään ripsiä(kiitos lapsuuden vesirokko._.) kauheen näkyväksi.

    1. Jee :D Tää on kyl ihana ripsari, tosin hankala poistaa XD
      Miten vesirokko vaikuttaa ripsiin? :OO

  3. Wow the mascara looks super pretty! I really love 3CE but have yet to try the mascara! I'm definitely going try it out one day!

    1. I definitely recommend it ! It's a good one :D


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