January 05, 2015

My TOP 10 Korean songs of 2014 2nd half ♪♪

Helloo ~ 

Wow I feel like it's been ages since a music related post. It's time to check out MY TOP 10 Korean songs of 2014 2nd half ~ In case you have missed my previous TOP-series you can check them here. This part covers the releases from July to December of 2014. Out of my 40 favorite songs of the 2nd half I chose the best 10 and here they are :) As usual, I have not listened all the releases from 2014. And these are in no particular order because it would be too difficult LOL ! Let's get the list started shall we?

BTS - Danger

I heard this song for the first time at K-Pop Dance Cover Contest 2014 and since then the chorus has been stuck in my head. I didn't check out the MV until now and I like it a lot. BTS is one of the groups whom I've been following since their debut and I like all of their songs. I haven't listened this much but I included it because it has been haunting in my head for a long time :D

EXID - Up and Down

This has to be one of the catchiest, if not the catchiest, songs of 2014. EXID generally has catchy earworms and this is no exception. The MV is bizarre and a weird one but if you watch it you understand clearly the meaning of it. The chorus of this one has been stuck in my head as well XD Not much to say about this. Go listen and judge for yourself.

2PM - Go Crazy

I love 2PM, I listen to them a lot but I still somewhat don't count them to my ultimate favorites. I absolutely love all of the songs I have heard by them. I think this isn't their best song but it's good enough to make it to my TOP 10 list. Am I making any sense LOL ! I gotta say that the dance moves in the MV are CRAZY (see what I did there) ! I find this song somewhat similar to their song Hands Up. Maybe it's the party theme? Taecyeon is my bias btw :) As they are one of the tallest idols out there (I think?), I would love to stand next to them to see how tall they are. Am I weird?

EPIK HIGH - Born Hater

Epik High featuring Beenzino, Verbal Jint, Bobby, B.I and Mino of WINNER all in one song. It's epik for sure ! That was my first thought when I heard the lineup for this song. I'm still somewhat new to Epik High but Tablo's solos are really good and he's one of my favorite artists tbh. I think this song is going to be one of the biggest songs in k-hiphop if it's not that already. The MV is done in a very clever way as it looks like it's filmed with a phone if you know what I mean. Tablo is one of the artists I respect a lot. I'm glad that they chose Bobby and B.I. to feature in this song because I'm really looking forward to iKON's debut. It's about time ;W; Btw, you have to log in in order to view the video because of the age restriction.

T-ARA - Sugar Free

I normally don't like EDM but this one is different because it has T-ARA's style in it. What I love the most about this song is that even though it's pretty electronic sound-ish song you can clearly hear their voices. There's nothing I hate more than autotune. T-ARA is one of my fav girl groups and I listen to them a lot. I like this song a lot but it's not their best song. Can I just say how fabulous they all looks and how fabulous Eunjung is ;W; I guess there's no need to guess who's my bias? I find it funny that the song name is Sugar Free but this is so energizing LOL ! My bad humor... 

MASTA WU - Come Here

Another YG song on this list. Out of all the 10 songs there are 3 from YG artists... I just love YG artists so much. Anyhow this is the very first song I've heard by Masta Wu. It's featuring Dok2 and Bobby ~ Everyone who has watched Show Me The Money 3 can understand my feels when it comes to this song. Just like with Epik High, this also has an age restriction so you have to log in to prove your age to youtube. At first I checked this just because I was curious to find out what kind of song it would be. I found it to be really good and I definitely need to check out more by Masta Wu aka That's no no~ guy XD


Orange Caramel is my love. Their song Catallena made it to my TOP 10 of the 1st half and I was hesitating if I should put another Orange Caramel song to my TOP 10 list... But I couldn't leave this out because I personally think that My Copycat is even better than Catallena. This is absolutely catchy song and the MV is super funny, just like all of their songs. I don't think there's more I need to say. Watch the MV and play the game it has inside :) 


I don't know if I have shared anything by Untouchable on this blog before. If I haven't then I have made a big mistake as they are one of my favorite artists. They belong to the same agency with B.A.P and Secret yet no one really knows about them. Just because of the fact that they're not idols, they doesn't have even 1/4 of the views that B.A.P and Secret has... It makes me so sad D:

They're one of the most talented artists out there but I don't think they're that popular or well known? If someone lives in Korea can you tell me if they're known there? I don't think they have a song that I wouldn't like. I love every song I've heard by them and I think this might be the best of their songs imo. I know I have said this many times on my blog but I'll say it again; Korean is the language made for rapping ! And Babylon's vocals are also on point :) So glad he's featuring in this ^^

MC MONG - Miss Me or Diss Me

I quickly posted this song when it was released but I'm going to post it again, MC Mong is one of my favorite solo artists and I was so sad when he went on hiatus in 2009 after releasing Humanimal. I'm sure he has repented on his wrongdoings and I hope he will continue releasing music in the future as well. You can read more about his hiatus from wikipedia.

I think I remember reading from kpop related news sites that MC Mong was at the point where he had developed a severe case of social phobia in the beginning of 2013 and that he wasn't in any contact with others. It made me so sad to read those news. In the same news he was also voted as the most anticipated star to make a comeback.

This song, Miss Me or Diss Me, really tells about what he felt during his hiatus. That's how it seems to me at least. But now that he's back after 5 years I couldn't be any happier ;W; 5 years is a long time for a celebrity to be out of the public. His comeback really made my 2014 ! I'm so glad he's back ! So beautiful song ;W; I still cry when I read the lyrics to it. Make sure to turn on the CC before listening to the song.

WINNER - Empty

I know I said these aren't in any order but... I saved the best for last. I LOVE this group so much. I just had to say that before anything else. Out of all the groups that debuted in 2014, WINNER is the one that I've been following the most. I don't think I've ever felt like this when it comes to newbie groups? I think they're somewhat special because I've watched them grow and get better during WIN: Who Is Next and WINNER TV. I love the whole album and every song in it. If I could, I would post all the songs but it wouldn't be funny.

WINNER is one of the few groups that I can listen to every day and not get tired. In my phone their album is one of the most played and on my last.fm they're been on my TOP 3 artists for many weeks XD Out of over 410 artists I have on my last.fm they're currently at 29th place. I guess that's just how much I love them.

As kpop scene and artists gets younger all the time (meaning I get older...) WINNER is one of the last groups where all the members are older than I am. Just had to mention that. I could dedicate this whole post to WINNER but I'm not gonna do that. Go listen to their full album and judge for yourself. All of the songs are just too beautiful. My favorite song from the whole album is Smile Again but as it doesn't have a music video I chose Empty because it's just as beautiful ;W; And yes, to us Inner Circles (WINNER fans), there is a difference between WINNER, Winner and winner.

That's all for now ~ I'm going to sleep now as the day changed 20 minutes ago, Good night/morning/day/afternoon to you where ever you are ^^

Oh, the songs that almost made it to the list are: Block B - H.E.R, VIXX - Error, KARA - Mamma Mia, The Boss - Rilla Go, GOT7 - Stop, Stop It, Hi Suhyun - I'm Different, Henry - Fantastic and INFINITE - Back. Thought you'd might be interested LOL


  1. My 2014 top Kpop songs are mostly from YG. Ranging from Akdong Musician, Winner, 2NE1, Epik High and i also love all the Hip Hop projects! Born Hater is also on my list! :D
    Another favorite is Dynamic Duo and Crush !

    Pudding Monster

    1. Haha YG Family is epic :) I also like Dynamic Duo and Crush ^^


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