January 28, 2015

MEMEBOX #1 Night Care

Hello ~ How are you doing? My school started 2½ weeks ago and I've already been 2 weeks absent... Not good. I need to get myself together and find the motivation I had last year... Any tips on how to do that? Anyhow, that wasn't the point of this post.

Today I have a new Memebox unboxing to share with you all :) I ordered the box as soon as they announced the theme and first spoilers for it. This box was $29 and the shipping was $6,99. It was shipped on January 7th and I received it on January 21st or so. The theme is all about night care ~ Unfortunately the box is currently sold out but they have many other boxes right now ! You can check them out here. Aren't you curious to see what this box had inside? Continue reading ~

I'm a little disappointed that this time there was only this... Usually there is an info card in the box. I hope this was only temporarily and that in the future boxes the info card is on the box itself. I can't be bothered to search online every time I want to try a product and find out how to use it... 

#1 Night Care
Your pre-slumber beauty plan has never been so good! 
Your body repairs itself and night, and this box makes sure to optimize your precious 8 hours of sleep to ensure that you wake up to a flawless complexion, smooth skin, and soft-as-silk hair. 
It perfectly caters to all your nighttime beauty needs to rejuvenate, replenish, and repair your skin, hair, and body all while you catch up on Z’s. Enjoy!

TOSOWOONG Snail Natural Pure Essence 60 ml ($24)

This has 20% of pure snail mucin filtrates and 40% of fresh birch tree leaf water. It's supposed to be a "miracle worker" for skin brightening and anti-wrinkle results. It's supposed to moisturize, firm up dry and sagging skin as well as fight different skin problems such as acne, blemishes, uneven moisture & oil balance. I've been using this now for about a week almost every night and some mornings too. I think my skin has gotten a bit brighter :) This absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a sticky residue. This has a very mild to non-existent scent so it's good for those who are sensitive with scents.

D'RAN Wonder Lifting Eye Cream 25g ($35)

This eye cream is supposed to brighten and firm up the dry and thin skin around the eyes. It has macadamia oil, jojoba oil, argan oil and some other stuff as well. I find it a bit too thick for my eyes to use it during the day so I only use this during the nights :) I find the scent a bit strong but pleasant. It has a flower-like scent to it. I can't say any results yet as I haven't been using this that much yet.

MYPU; Black Pearl & Gold Velvet Gel Eye Patch 1,1g x 60ea ($30)

These eye patches were 50% of the reason why I ordered this box. The box itself is cheaper than the product. There are 60 patches in this so if I use it daily it will last for a month... But I like to pamper myself with these every now and then. I still haven't opened the product so I can't say how they are. Looking forward to try these :)

You can use the patches as under eye patches but also around your lip area where the "smile wrinkles" comes :D What a versatile product ~

HEART FACE Ultra Pore Care Sleeping Pack 100ml ($14)

This was the second 50% of the reason why I ordered this box. I'm currently suffering from somewhat large pores on my cheeks so I'm trying to find the solution for those. When I read the words "ultra pore care" I wanted to try out it immediately ! And look at how cute the product is ! And Heart Face is such an adorable brand name too ~ This sleeping pack has hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to deeply nourish and rejuvenate the skin to reveal suppler and firmer skin. This is also supposed to help treating acne prone skin.

It says that it's non sticky and absorbs quickly but I think it takes around 5-10 minutes to absorb on my face. On my arm it absorbs in less than 2 minutes. And my hair does get stuck on my face when using this. This has a nice scent to it but it's pretty strong I think. After absorbing the scent is faint and unnoticeable. I think my pores has gotten a bit smaller but I wouldn't use this every night.

Look at the lid ! It's so cute ~ The Konglish is cute too :D

AVEC MOI Mask 4 Set 8g + 16g + 16g + 4,5g ($33)

A sheet mask set from AVEC MOI. A brand I've never heard before. The set has foot mask, hand mask, nail pack and hair treatment pack also. Haven't tried out yet so I can't say more. Definitely looking forward to test the nail and hair pack especially !

SWITCH PATCH Elephant 3 Step Blackhead Nose Pack 7g ($3)

A three step nose pack for blackheads. I'm always a bit skeptical against these nose packs but this one seems to be a bit different. 1st step opens up your pores, 2nd step dugs out the blackheads and 3rd step tightens the pores back. Still haven't tried this one either but I'm looking forward to try this one. I wonder if it really sucks the blackheads like an elephant would? 


That's all for now ~ All in all I was really glad with the box this time. Based on the products I've tried I would rate the box 9 out of 10.


  1. Ihanan näköinen boksi! Nyt ihan harmittaa, etten tilannut tätä kun tässähän on vaikka mitä jänskää ja näyttäis olevan ihan hyvä hinta-laatusuhdekin ;D

    1. Jep ~ HInta-laatusuhde on kohdallaan tässä boksissa :D

  2. Awesome! I haven't ordered a memebox yet! The snail cream intrigues me the most.

    1. The snail cream seems to be pretty good :) At least it hasn't break me out which is a good sign :D


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