January 13, 2015

LivBox January 2015

Hello ~ My school started yesterday and I'm already so tired. 2 days done and it feels like 2 weeks LOL ! My Japanese lessons also resumed today but I was too tired after school to go there so I skipped that. And now I'm writing this post for you to enjoy ^^ I was meant to write this on Friday though... Oh well.

Anyhows, this time it's LivBox unboxing again. I got this box for free with my LivBox points so yay for that :D The theme this time was obviously New Year thus there are brand new products and new brands in the box :) Excited to see what LivBox offers me this time? Continue reading ~

CUTRIN Chooz Multivolumizer

Super excited for this one ! My hair definitely needs some boost ! This one is designed for Scandinavian hair and nature. It's currently winter and it's really dry, The temperatures changes a lot. So my hair gets dry and frizzy D: So far I've tried this only once so I don't have any specific opinion yet. This one is 75 ml and the full sized one is 150 ml. It's a pump bottle so I can see this lasting from 3 to 6 months in my use... It also has protective factors against UV radiance, humid and heat,

RIMMEL BB Cream 9 in 1

Not so excited about this one because I'm afraid it will be too dark and orange for my skin despite being the lightest shade... But I will try this and if I don't like it I'll give it to my sister. I have more BB Creams waiting for me LOL ! This one is a full sized at 30 ml.

LUMENE Ultra Sensitive Moisturizing & Calming Mask

Now that it's winter I'm really excited to test this one. Despite being oily-mixed my skin is also very sensitive. This promises to deeply moisturize the skin as well as reduce irritation, redness and heat on the skin. It's developed by Lumene with Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation and that's always a plus for people with sensitive skin ! Definitely going to test this during the upcoming weekend ~ This one was also full sized one :)

PHILOSOPHY the microdelivery peel kit

The FB group of Finnish beauty bloggers went nuts when LivBox announced that philosophy is a new brand in LivBox. I didn't have any expectations because I hadn't tried the brand before because of its expensive price... Anyhow they were guessing what product would it be and if it would be a decent sized sample or a very small one and so on. Turns out it was a one use sample of the famous 2 step microdelivery peel.

When I read the description I thought it would irritate my skin and make it red and so on. I bravely tried it and fell in love ! It actually reduced the redness and made my skin tone clearer and brighter ! I definitely would want to try this again but... the prize of 76€ for 60 ml + 60 ml is too much for me. Maybe they'd send another sample sometime? *hopeful* This was the best product of the box this time. 

LA ROCHE-POSAY Lipikar Baume AP+ Balm

This cream is for extremely dry, atopic and sensitive skin. I'm not going to even try it for my face. However I've been using this as a hand cream and I like it. It makes my hands really soft and reduces the itchiness. It's gentle enough to be used for babies as well. It's scentless and paraben free product. Good for those who are sensitive with scents :) This one is 15 ml sample while the full sized is 200 ml. It's easy to carry around because of the small size.

That's all for this time. Overall, I'm very pleased with this box. If the BB Cream fits me this will be a really good box :D I'm going to take a shower and go to sleep. Bye bye ^^


  1. Lumenen naamio on kyllä tosi hyvä kosteuttamaan, ehdoton suosikkini tämän kuun boksista :)

    1. Kiva kuulla :) En ole vielä testaillut, mutta innolla odotan viikonloppua niin voin testata ^^


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